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Vote with your wallet and see which candidates support your favorite brands – video


To become a more conscious consumer, you need to do your homework to learn more about the companies that you support. The following tools can help you get clarity about a company’s political donations and affiliations. The Merchandise Unitas website is a great place to start, enter a company you want and see the percentage of donations made by companies and top managers for charity. Which political party is to. You could even dig deeper to see which specific candidates are getting submissions. And then even alternative brands in that category to help merchandise unite us even have an easy-to-use and free app for fat control on the go. Progressive shopper.com is targeting exactly what it sounds like to the more liberal consumer. The website works similarly with detailed reports on company contributions. It will even point out what they consider to be serious problems for their base. For example who is a Fox News Advertiser and who activates Donald Trump. Progressive Shopper even has a Firefox browser extension that notifies you when you visit a company website that does not match the progressive values. Finally, you track that your company is a dense, data-driven website with a wealth of company information. It̵

7;s not as user-friendly as the others, but it’s great for consumers who want to dive deep. Obviously, when looking at donations with a macro lens like this you won’t always get the full picture, but at least it is a starting point for your own research. I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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