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Want More Early Pixel 4XL Videos? Here! – Droid Life

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL leaks, yesterday's early wave. In today's set, we'll have a look at the camera app again, Pixel Themes in action, and how the new face Unlock will work during setup.

Pixel 4 Face Unlock

Speaking of face unlock, Google already told us to expect an advanced face unlocking system, thanks to Soli and a variety of sensors and cameras. But how does it work?

As you can see in this article, you are learning how to set up your computer and how to do it angles. Once done, face unlock is stored on device only and can be deleted whenever. It'll allow you to unlock your phone, sign-in to apps, and confirm payments.

 Pixel 4 Face Unlock

pixels 4 pixels Themes

We got an early look of Google's upcoming Pixel Themes app the other day, but today's Pixel 4 leak confirms that it was indeed legit. Once opened, you'll get to choose from a variety of accent colors, fonts, and icon shapes.

 Pixel Themes App

Pixel 4 Camera App

Finally, here's a brief look at the new camera app, which we so saw yesterday. All of these leaked pixels 4 videos and write-ups are used on an early beta or dogfooded basis

Mostly, the changes are in the settings, where you now tap at the top of the screen bring up settings for the mode you are in. It is a pop-up window that allows you to control the timers, face retouching, flash, and ratio.  Pixel 4 Camera App

Oh, and here's a new Google Assistant animation!

Want to see all that in action? Here's a video that shows most of it.

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