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Watch 18 minutes of new Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

Sucker Punch Productions has released a new 18-minute gameplay trailer for its upcoming open-world samurai game Spirit of Tsushima, Presentation of exploration, combat and customization elements of the game.

The new trailer marks the first real footage from Spirit of Tsushima that Sucker Punch has shown since E3 2018 when the studio first presented the mix of sword fighting and stealth of the game. Since then, Sucker Punch has also released a story trailer in which the players get to know the main protagonist Jin Sakai.

The footage shows aspects of exploring Tsushima Island, where players can summon a ghost and travel freely around the world. A gameplay element allows players to summon a gust of wind to guide them towards their goal as an unobtrusive guide. Players can also be led by animals ̵

1; such as foxes or birds – to secrets in the open world that lead them to hidden shrines or collectibles. The open world also looks beautiful, with bamboo forests, open plains, high mountains, and fields with swirling petals that players can explore.

The trailer also better introduces players to Jin, the samurai hero they will be playing in Spirit of Tsushima. Combat is said to be inspired by samurai films, with one-on-one battles against other warriors that dissolve into quick single strikes and parades. Players can choose to play “honorable” as a samurai or use stealth and assassinations to play against the invading Mongols as the title spirit.

To improve the cinematic aspect of the game, players can play the entire game Spirit of Tsushima With a fully subtitled Japanese language track and an optional black and white film grain filter that feels more like a classic samurai film.

Spirit of Tsushima will be released for PlayStation 4 on July 17th.

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