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Watching all 1004 classic Looney Tunes cartoons at once is the perfect white noise generator

It’s also technically the fastest way to see every single Bugs Bunny gig, though you’ll have to blink a bit, so it’s probably a better cartoon white noise generator anyway.

Mark Evanier is a video that has been available on YouTube for some time and contains all of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melody cartoon by Warner Brothers from the 1929s Bosko, the talk-ink kid until 1969 Talk-Ink Kid.

However, since your time is precious, you probably don’t have the time to go through all of the 1004 classic toons in a row. So you’re playing all at once, which is gorgeous, crazy, and even a little melancholy in equal parts by the time you get to the end and a lot of the clips fade out because they ended.

However, before you roll past it and think that this is just one of those stupid things on the internet, there is a potential use for this kind of organized chaos too, because once you get through 1004 plays of ‘The Merry Go Round Broke Down’, what you ended up sounding a lot like the noise of people.

Do you feel a little cooped up right now – like so many of us – and do you want to create the feeling of being in a large crowd? Everywhere after about 30 seconds you have sorted to drive those blues away.

Likewise, chat with Lifehacker employees this morning – virtually, because it is is 2020 – It turns out that many of us are using effective white noise to stimulate our own focus, whether it’s trashy pop music, ambient noise, TV news, or the like.

This could do the same thing for you, acting as a cartoon white noise generator. White noise can greatly increase your productivity when you’re trying to work. If you want a quieter time, taper after about 7 minutes when the shorter toons run out. At this point, you can almost pick out snippets of conversation.

Or, you know, you could squint really hard and try to take in every single cartoon as it rolls by.

Good luck with it.

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