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Waze announces major app update with highly anticipated features

Waze, a Google company, just announced a number of important new features for iPhone and Android users at the company’s first major virtual event called Waze On.

The first highlight is the support of travel suggestions. With this update, Waze can view historical data and determine driving patterns. When you use it, the application tries to guess where you are going and therefore offers a route and traffic information in advance.

This feature is expected to launch next month and works in a similar way to the way Waze is currently offering suggestions for the preferred locations that you use the most. For example, the app can already show the route to your home or office if you drive to these locations at the same hours every day. So the travel suggestions are an evolution of these functions with a modern approach.

Waze also officially announced Lane Guidance, a feature that launched earlier this year and is now available for iPhone and Android. Inspired by its sibling in Google Maps, Lane Guidance shows your route and provides a visual indicator to recommend the lane to use for your next turn.

This update also improves traffic notifications so that Waze can show notifications for both frequent destinations and scheduled drives. In other words, if you use Waze every time you drive, the app should be able to learn all of the patterns and then provide you with traffic data whenever you leave without touching the phone.

Waze says it has also honed its ETA estimating machine to be more accurate in these times when people aren̵

7;t driving as much as they were before the global health problem.

The Google Assistant is now available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese right in Waze, while the music player has been updated with support for Amazon Music.

No information about Waze was provided in the CarPlay dashboard.

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