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Week in Tech (September 7-13, 2020): Apple’s announcement of the Time Flies event, Xbox Series S launch, and more

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Updated: September 13, 2020, 4:13:23 pm

Tech Weekly News, Tech News Roundup, Indian Express Tech News Roundup, Apple Event September 1<div class="e3lan e3lan-in-post1"><script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>
<!-- Text_Display_Responsive -->
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</script></div>5, PS5 Event, Nvidia ARM Deal, Xbox Series S.Apple is hosting its fall event called Time Flies, which is expected to showcase new products.

This week we learned that Apple is hosting an all-digital “Time Flies” event on Tuesday, September 15th, expecting new editions of the Watch and iPad. Apple is not expected to showcase the iPhone 12 series at the event. Microsoft’s surprise announcement of the Xbox Series S, a cheaper all-digital version of the flagship Xbox Series X, was also in the spotlight this week.

And we learned that Nvidia is in advanced talks to acquire ARM Holdings, the world’s leading chipset designer company, for $ 40 billion. The deal is expected to close next week. Meanwhile, Sony is holding a special PS5 event on Wednesday September 16. The Japanese giant hasn’t released any information on its price or release date, but it’s likely we’ll hear more about it at the 40-minute event.

These are just a few of the big stories we focus on in our tech news roundup this week.

Apple’s “Time Flies” event on September 15th

Apple’s biggest tech event of the year takes place on Tuesday, September 15, when the company first introduces new products. But don’t expect Apple to announce the new iPhone 12 at the virtual event. Instead, Apple will likely use the event to announce new editions of the Apple Watch and iPad. For the new iPhone 12 lineup, we’ll have to wait until October for Apple to announce it. Apple already confirmed in July that the iPhone 12 will be delayed by a few weeks compared to the typical launch in September. Apple’s September 15 event will be available online at 10:30 p.m. IST on Apple.com, YouTube.

Microsoft confirms $ 299 for the Xbox Series S.

Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S, a tiny next-generation console that will join the flagship Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is around 60 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X and doesn’t come with a drive. The S series includes the same 3.6 GHz AMD Ryzen CPU as the X series, plus a 512 GB SSD and RDNA-2-based AMD GPU that continues to support real-time ray tracing and variable rate shading. The “smallest Xbox” targets 1080p or 1440p games at 60 frames per second and supports up to 120 fps. The Xbox Series S will be priced at $ 299 / $ 36,990 and will debut in India on November 10th. The flagship Xbox Series X, on the other hand, costs $ 499 or $ 49,990. It will also start on the same day as the S series.

Nvidia is about to buy ARM

Nvidia, the world’s largest manufacturer of graphics chips, is about to sign a purchase agreement for ARM, the largest semiconductor business of all time to date. The Japanese conglomerate Softbank would receive $ 40 billion if Nvidia agreed to buy ARM, a semiconductor company that licenses its technologies to several large companies like Apple, which uses the ARM architecture to build processors for iPhones and iPads. Softbank bought the British chip design company for $ 32 billion in 2016. The ARM deal is under intense government scrutiny as Nvidia would suddenly pose a threat to Intel, Qualcomm and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Sony PS5 Showcase Event for September 16

The big PlayStation 5 will take place on Wednesday September 16. The event will be used by Sony to announce new first and third party games for the PS5 at launch. While not confirmed, Sony will likely announce the release date and price for the PlayStation 5 during the same event. The PS5 is set to cost $ 499 while the PS5 Digital Edition will cost $ 399.

Apple is changing the app store rules

Apple, in the middle of a legal battle with Epic Games, has revised its App Store policies. Under the new rules, Apple will allow game streaming services such as Microsoft Xbox xCloud and Google Stadia to have their apps in the App Store. But there is a catch. Games offered by Google Stadia or xCloud must be downloaded directly from the App Store. That means, if the xCloud offers 100 games, each game has to be downloaded individually from the App Store. The move shows Apple’s power and dominance in the gaming world. Although Apple doesn’t sell video game consoles, Apple is the largest player in the video game industry. Ultimately, it runs the App Store, which curates apps the way they want to be.

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