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What are the best chew toys for dogs? A puppy weighs.

This is my dog, Stevie.

  A very good girl.

A very good girl.

Image: Dylan Haas / Mashable

It's a laboratory, boxer, and pit bull mix that likes to cuddle, sleep, say hello to strangers, and probably chew more than anything else. (And if you were wondering, yes, it's named after Stevie Nicks.)

For some, choosing a toy for a dog is a fairly effortless task. And I understand – who would want to question such things? Most people would get something off the wall at Petco that would squeak and go on with their lives.

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But, dear reader, I'm one of [1945901717] these People . And by " those, " I mean "person who treats their pet as if it were their human child."

However, I am not ashamed. None!

Because I am like this, I am very specific about the stuff I buy for my dog. Maybe a little too special. I just want my puppy to have the best, you know? And that's frankly good news for you, because this protective pet parent has procured and tested 10 different chew toys – from frisbees to bones to everything in between – and I've gathered my (and Stevies) final thoughts each of them.

How did we test them?

Stevie and I started our review process knowing that we would test each toy for a few weeks. She played a short session with each of the 10 toys every day throughout the month, and I took a close look at how she dealt with them – and more importantly, if and when they started to deteriorate. With each one, I made sure to play both fetch and tug of war to test their durability and ease of use, but mostly I just let them gnaw to see which of their jaws could withstand the terror. (There's nothing really terrible about it, it's really nice.)

Many chew toys claim to be "indestructible," which is really misleading.

However, keep in mind this breed of dog, preferences and the type of chewing that your pet is will definitely have an impact on your bottom line. My dog ​​happens to be an aggressive chewer and she tends to tear her toy to pieces fairly quickly, but if an option didn't work for her, it doesn't mean that it fits your poorly. dog.

Another hint: Many chew toys claim to be "indestructible", which is really misleading. No chew toy is really indestructible, so you should always take special care to remove the toy from your pet when parts break off. Ingestion of chew toys is a danger to all dogs, and you should generally monitor them during play to avoid any risk of suffocation or future digestive problems.

Rohleder: Say "No".

A type of toy – or treatment I suppose – that I have explicitly omitted from this list anything that was made from rawhide, a common substance that comes from the inner layer of cow or horse hides.

Rawhide is very common in your classic dog bones (some are even flavored to tempt you to chew), and it's really easy to find in almost any pet store. The thing is, it's really dangerous to let your dog play with rawhide.

The biggest problem with these types of treats is that they can easily break off in large pieces and be picked up by your dog, which is a high risk for these pieces that get stuck in your esophagus or digestive tract.

Depending on the size, a veterinarian may be able to remove pieces of rawhide from your dog's neck, but anything beyond that that requires invasive surgery. If not solved, it can kill your dog. So please never buy.

Which chew toy should I get for my dog?

It is important for dogs to have a trustworthy chew toy that they can always turn to, and it is your duty as the owner to provide them with a good one. Chewing is a very natural behavior for all dogs, regardless of their size or breed. Chewing not only helps reduce stress and anxiety, it can also be a helpful distraction from bad behaviors like barking and digging.

So, take your dog's natural need to chew and make sure you offer him the best toy for his personal play and chewing style. Here's what Stevie and I thought about the 10 chew toys we've tested over the past month – hopefully it'll give you some insight into how your dog might respond.

Adorable-looking • Rubber is much harder than you would think • Machine washable • It hasn't cracked once after a month of playing

Fabric can accumulate and dry out, which is uncomfortable until you finally wash it

The GoDog Dragon was the most surprising toy I tested – despite my fears that the fabric-based toy would tear apart quickly, it was one of the hardest I've ever seen (and apparently my dog's personal favorite). ,

. 1 GoDog Dragon

GoDog Dragons are unexpectedly tough for a cloth-based chew toy – after a month it's still strong and my dog ​​pretty much accepted it as their new favorite for life.

  • Material:
    Polyester, "chewing protection" fabric
  • First signs of wear:
I was so impressed with the GoDog Dragon – and my dog ​​too – that he easily made it to the first place on this list.
I was surprised to be honest. When I saw that the toy was made of fabric, I expected it to be the first toy to tear, tear, and break into pieces after Stevie got it under control (even with its patented "chewing protection technology"). But that was not the case. Far from it actually.
My dog ​​was immediately drawn to the kite – she has a penchant for cute, colorful chew toys, so this was pretty much the obvious choice. In fact, I literally had to start hiding the GoDog toy from her in order to get her to play with the others I was testing, which was one of the first signs that it was ranked high would achieve.
I closely monitored this Extra using the materials from which it was made, as it was the only fabric-based toy that I have tried. But even when the microscope was ground, the little blue dragon stayed strong. Seriously, my dog ​​didn't hold back – I even tried to really get it through the wringer by using it in an intense tug of war match with Stevie, and everything stayed intact. Even the squeaker. And all the while, the toy kept its softness, making it a perfect cuddle friend for my dog ​​between game sessions.
After a month as a chew toy, I no longer noticed any visible signs of wear. At most part of the fabric is matted from a normal amount of dog slobber, but I put it in the laundry not so long ago and it came out as good as new.
For aggressive chewers I recommend GoDog Dragons – they're tough, hellishly adorable and I think Stevie's "eternal chew toy".

Tear-resistant fabric • Floats on the water • Large enough to play tug of war • Can travel long distances

The malleability of the frisbee makes it much more susceptible to high winds that take it off course

The Ruffwear HydroPlane is the best frisbee I've used personally – its sturdy material is safer than your normal plastic frisbee and its buoyant design is great for dogs who like to swim.

. 2 Ruffwear HydroPlane

Floating dogs will love the Ruffwear HydroPlane's ability to swim on the water, but it also works perfectly as a frisbee on land and its tear-resistant fabric lasts an impressively long time.

  • Material:
    Foam, abrasion-resistant fabric
  • First signs of wear:
    About two weeks
My dog ​​is not a great swimmer. She actually doesn't like water. Like fear of raindrops. It's kind of sad to see.
However, the Ruffwear HydroPlane is the toy of choice for swimming dogs. To find out if it was swimming, I threw it into the pool of my apartment complex, and it definitely does! Cool!
But as I said, Stevie is hydrophobic, so I tested this as a normal frisbee. I imagine that the results on land or in water are the same since the swim test was a success.
What I really like about the HydroPlane is that it is extremely malleable for a frisbee without affecting its overall durability. The special fabric coating took a little over two weeks before I saw a slight tear, but not enough to make it unusable or to expose the foam underneath. It is actually much safer than a typical frisbee that tends to shed harmful plastic that animals probably shouldn't be taking.
You can also get a pretty impressive distance if you throw them right, and the disk itself is big enough to host some fun dog tug-of-war matches.
It also has a large hole in the middle, which is perfect for putting your dog around like a small necklace. Maybe you don't care, but I certainly enjoyed it.
It is probably one of the best dog fries I have ever used, and I plan to buy another one when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

Hollow center for storing treats to promote playtime. • Extremely tough rubber. • Unpredictable jump makes it an entertaining choice

Depending on the goodies it contains, it can get very messy. • Goodies don't always stay inside when thrown or rebounded

The Kong Extreme is a favorite thanks to its hollow center, which offers space for treats and thus extends the playing time – and I don't see it breaking apart soon.

. 3 Kong Extreme

The Kong Extreme is definitely extreme when it comes to durability – it lasts well beyond a few months and the ability to stuff goodies in it makes playing a lot more enjoyable.

  • Materail:
  • First signs of wear:
Kong is, at least for me, the most famous dog toy brand – my family has been using it for years with both her dog and earlier dogs. I thought I had to test one of their toys for a good measure, one that I hadn't come into contact with before.
The Kong Extreme struck me not only because of the name ( EXTREME !), But also because of its delicious design. The extremely durable rubber chew toy has a hollow center where you can store your dog's usual snacks. This is perfect for persuading your dog to play when you need him to drive out pent-up energy. Stevie's Kong snack of choice? Peanut butter. All day long.
I took the toy out of the box, washed it (which you should always do with new dog toys) and spooned a healthy portion of jif into the middle. Needless to say, my dog ​​was absolutely crazy about it (no pun intended) and didn't leave the side of the toy until every drop of PB was broken down. The only problem was that there was chaos everywhere. I speak peanut butter on my couch, my carpet, all over Stevie's face. Sweet, but "peanuts" are not among my top five fragrances for my home. I didn't hold that against the toy since Kong didn't invent the messy nature of peanut butter.
After the peanut butter incident, I switched to another type of treat: Beggin & # 39; Strips. These worked much better – no mess, and I was able to control the difficulty of removing the treatment by adding and removing strips. I even tried to freeze the toy while it was filled with goodies (which Kong recommends), and it certainly increased the lifespan of the game noticeably.
The toy has decent, unpredictable bounce, which makes it a great consideration to pick up, but only when it's empty – treats fall out when thrown if it's not tightly packed. You would probably expect that, but I think it should be mentioned anyway.
And as you'd probably guess from the rubber construction, apart from a few scratches, it basically shows no signs of wear.

It is the perfect retrieval ball. • Delivered in a pack of 2. • The textured surface is good for chewing, but still doesn't harm the dog's mouth

Compatible launcher sold separately

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is everything you expect from a toy – it jumps, swims, is durable and my dog ​​absolutely loved playing with it.

. 4 Chuckit Ultra Ball

It's time to retire your old tennis ball – the Chuckit Ultra Ball is the best toy to pick up, hands down, and my dog ​​is in love with it.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
I used to only use a tennis ball to play with Stevie Fetch. This is the classic, isn't it?
The Chuckit Ultra Ball improves the normal tennis ball in every respect. Above all, the lack of external lint is better for your dog's digestive system and better for you when it comes to keeping it clean. (Have you tried cleaning a tennis ball? It sucks.)
It's perfect for retrieval – it's super springy, it floats, has a textured surface that my dog ​​ loved to chew on (but maintains a softness that didn't hurt her mouth) and a squeaker that did it all the more tempting for Stevie's dog instincts. Another bonus was the bright orange color, which I didn't think was helpful until I had to find it in a high grass patch.
Stevie ran out of gas many times with a smile on her face and hunted with the same excitement as the first after each throw in a row. Her favorite thing was when I jumped it up really hard and she jumped to get it before it hit the floor. I think it's their new ball, no doubt.
And for those who have large backyards, Chuckit offers a compatible ball launcher tool that allows you to travel longer distances (which is not really feasible for where I live, so I haven't tested it). It's disappointing that it's sold separately, but if you don't have a natural pitcher arm, I'd say do it anyway.

Robust rubber exterior • Good for teething dogs • Floats

Some reviewers said their dogs had bitten through in days

Although there are some issues with the durability of the GoughNuts ring, it worked for my dog ​​- although I think it is probably best for younger puppies in the midst of teething.

. 5 GoughNuts Dog Ring

Your mileage with the GoughNuts ring may vary depending on how hard your dog chews, but it should work great for younger dogs.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
    Very slight surface damage after two weeks
If I had to compare the GoughNuts ring to any other toy on this list, I would say it is very similar to the Kong Extreme, minus the hollow design.
It is not necessarily a bad thing. It is made of rubber (like the Kong), but is much thicker and therefore much more compatible with super-aggressive chewing. I think it would be a great bite toy for younger puppies.
Although the "GoughNuts.com" on the top of the toy doesn't do much for aesthetics, I quickly forgot when I saw how much beating the thing could take. My dog ​​went into town for hours, then for days, then for weeks, and it still has the same shape as after unpacking (just a few noticeable scratches and tooth marks). The ring is very durable – you could probably knock someone out if you throw it hard enough – so I assumed the toy's swimming claim was a deception, but lo and behold, it actually floats.
However, what paused me was the number of negative reviews of the product on Amazon. It looks like quite a few buyers have complained that their dogs ate through the ring after just a few days. I didn't have this problem, but if your puppy is a Kraftkauer your mileage may vary.
I still recommend the more durable Kong Extreme that is stored over the GoughNuts rubber ring, but it's definitely a tight second place (at least in my case). It can be worth having both ready to give your dog a change.

Made from real wood • Safer than a real stick • Non-toxic, natural wood smell

It quickly falls apart, but that's not surprising

I'm not sure you can hit the Petstages Dogwood Stick for it to fall apart fairly quickly – it's made of real wood, so this is to be expected. But because of security, I felt better if I let my dog ​​play unattended, and it's worth something.

. 6 Petstage's Dogwood Stick

The Dogwood Stick will most likely fall apart early, but that's to be expected. The real value is its safety with less harmful elimination for your dog's digestive system.

  • Material:
    Mixture of real wood and plastics
  • First signs of wear:
    Two days
"Made with real wood" struck me when I found the Petstages Dogwood Stick when I selected toys for this story. My first thought: "OK, so it's just a stick?"
It turns out that the answer is "no", it's not just a stick. It is actually much better than a stick, and I have been told that many dogs like sticks, so this stick can be the stick for your dog.
I'll clear that one negative from the front: This toy started to fall apart and shed quickly . However, I expected this because the toy is made of natural wood and real sticks tend to break apart. I'm not sure if I can criticize the toy too much because of the real value comes from the safe, non-toxic design of the stick. It's a big deal if you want to let your dog play unattended – you can't necessarily do that if he chews on something that can hurt him if swallowed.
So yes, it fell apart, but I didn't have to panic – I could even leave the room to do other things while she gnawed on what felt great. It also had a nice, natural wood smell that I could immediately perceive, and I could tell Stevie also noticed how quick she liked it (with a lot of sniffing). This one also swims.
All good stuff, really. I think I could definitely buy another one.

Funny dinosaur shape • Flavored • Helps remove plaque

The parts only came loose after an hour or two. • My dog's gums were bleeding

The Nylabone DuraChew has done a great job in terms of long-term dental care, but we haven't even gotten that far – it started to fall apart very soon.

. 7 Nylabone DuraChew Dino

The Nylabone DuraChew did not work as well as I had imagined – the nylon began to shed early in the game and I had to remove the toy before we could assess its dental care properties.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
    Two hours
Not all good things can last forever. Unfortunately, this chew toy only lasted about two hours. Which is a shame, because my dog ​​really loved it in the short time she had to spend with it.
The Nylabone DuraChew is available in three different dinosaur shapes, one of which will be chosen randomly when it is shipped to you. In the end I got the T-Rex. It is not important, I only enjoy surprises.
When I read the box, the things that struck me (apart from the veterinarian's claim to durability with the nylon construction recommended by veterinarians), mentions of the embedded chicken flavor and cleaning knots that are said to "clean teeth, reduce tartar", were plaque check and massage gums. "
It all sounded pretty good.
When I opened the pack, I thought it might smell of the chicken taste, but surprisingly not at all.
I threw the nylon T-Rex to my dog ​​and she pounced on it and started chewing without thinking about it. For a while it looked like she was having a great time, but about two hours after the game started, I spotted some pieces that came off. I didn't want my dog ​​to take nylon pieces, so I accepted the defeat fairly quickly and took the toy away from Stevie. Then I noticed that the original white toy now had red streaks that turned out to be blood from my dog's gums. Now I'm not sure what happened here, but I assume the knobs and scales somehow scratched them when they chewed and made them bleed – either that or my dog ​​has gingivitis, which I think is unlikely if one consider how often I brush their teeth.
It is a shit that we could no longer try the Nylabone DuraChew because I initially believed in the dental care qualities described on the packaging. It just wasn't long enough to really find out if it could meet that requirement. At the moment we have to say that this is a no.

It is a literal tank. • Good for soccer, I think

It's a really niche type of toy – some dogs are confused about how to handle it

The virtually indestructible ball is a niche toy that confused my dog ​​- she didn't know how to play with it, but that's probably not the toy's fault. It will probably never break at the end of the day, so it is successful in that regard.

. 8 The Virtually Indestructible Ball

This is the only toy that we have tested that I don't think will ever break – mainly because my dog ​​had no idea how to play with it.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
    Probably never
This was a little more difficult to check, mainly because my dog ​​just had no idea how to play with this thing. It's not the toy's fault, and ultimately your dog's preferences will determine whether it will respond to the virtually indestructible ball.
However, one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that this toy will never break.
It is less a chew toy than a toy that you can use to push it around and hit things. It's not something Stevie is used to, so she spent most of her time just staring at looking at me, then at the toy, and then looking at me with sheer confusion. She hurled it around a few times, but she just wasn't interested.
I was determined to find out if it was really "indestructible" as the name suggests, so I decided to become my dog ​​for a moment and play with it myself – which means I literally threw hell out a few times , And reader, it wasn't even a scratch. It definitely gets points for being a real tank of a toy. There's also a random selection of colors (I got a blue one), and it's really easy to wash.
But here, too, my dog ​​really didn't want anything to do with the ball. In my opinion this may be a little too big a niche, so I can only recommend it if you know for sure that it is the type of toy your pet will be interested in. Otherwise, they'll probably go on relatively quickly, like mine, and you'll find you kick around a dog toy and wonder what passersby think of you.

Bacon flavor • Should help cleaning teeth • My dog ​​had a lot of fun while it lasted

The description claims that the toy can last up to 6 months, but … it doesn't

Nylon-based toy was my least preferred toy during the tests for this summary, but if you'd like to get one, I would suggest the Oneisall bone over the Nylabone Dino.

. 9 Oneisall Bone

Nylon-based toy didn't go well with my dog, but if it works for you, the Oneisall is a little better than the Nylanbone Dino.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
    3 days
The Oneisall bone has a very similar description to the Nylabone Dino toy at the beginning of this summary, and I have achieved similar results, but the Oneisall has supplanted the win between the two for several reasons.
Like the Nylabone, the Oneisall was damaged pretty quickly – just a few days later, when my dog ​​played with it, noticeable dandruff and deep tooth perforations appeared. The main difference is that Stevie's gums didn't bleed. So that's good. (I think this is most likely due to the omission of the cleaning knots that ultimately cut them.)
The Oneisall has a bacon flavor (I haven't tried it and I hope you didn't expect it) and is supposed to help brush your dog's teeth, but I couldn't ultimately judge that considering how long it took. What I can say is it stayed intact longer than the nylabone, it was a better form to play with, it didn't hurt my dog's mouth and she seemed to have a lot of fun with it – so it's something like that better choice.
I'm not sure how I'm selling nylon based dog toys, but if you choose one from this list, I think this is your best option.

Rubber is extremely tough and malleable. • Non-toxic. • Super stretchy in the tug of war

It is a bit too heavy to be burdened in mid-flight

The Monster K9 Frisbee is not a good * Frisbee *, but an absolutely usable, extra strong chew toy that your dog will likely chew on for months without serious signs of damage.

10th Monster K9 Indestructible Frisbee

Although it doesn't work as a * Frisbee * per se, the Monster K9 disc is a great, extra strong chew toy that has the potential to hold your dog for months.

  • Material:
  • First signs of wear:
    Some minor scratches after two weeks
The Monster K9 Frisbee is successful in the shelf life department, but frankly I don't think it's a good Frisbee . It's just too heavy and is weighed down in mid-flight, causing it to fall to the ground. It felt like I was throwing pizza dough most of the time.
I put up with that defeat and decided to use it only as a basic chew for Stevie – and hey, it worked pretty well.
This non-toxic rubber washer is extraordinarily tough, really malleable and stretchy. As you could probably guess, it passed the tug of war with flying colors. It was even hard enough to withstand my dog, who pinched it between her paws and got some really good chewing candy. Stevie schien es auch zu genießen, das Spielzeug in ihrem Mund zu falten und eine Art zähen Gummitaco herzustellen. Cool!
Ungefähr zwei Wochen nach dem regelmäßigen Gebrauch bekam der Monster K9 Frisbee einige Kratzer auf Oberflächenebene, aber nichts, was ihn in den Ruhestand schicken könnte. Ich war tatsächlich überrascht, dass der dünne Körper im Allgemeinen keine Einstiche hatte, aber ich freue mich, berichten zu können, dass die Scheibe lebt, gut ist und immer noch gekaut wird.
Wenn Sie nur einen geraden Frisbee möchten, besorgen Sie sich den oben genannten Ruffwear HydroPlane. Wenn Sie jedoch nur ein scheibenförmiges Spielzeug möchten, das Ihr Hund verprügeln könnte, entscheiden Sie sich für das Monster K9.

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