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What do we know so far?

The Google Pixel 5 develops into one of the strangest in Google’s phone history. Not only is this expected during a global pandemic, but Google may move this new version of the pixel from the ultra-high-end phone category to an area hundreds of dollars below the usual value.

The information pool surrounding Google̵

7;s next flagship phone is not yet deep, as we would normally only prepare for a Google Pixel 5 in October. Still, tracking history has revealed a handful of interesting things, and since this is Google, our attention is here.

This is all we know about Google Pixel 5.

What is the Pixel 5?

Assuming the name stays, this would be Google’s 5th generation flagship by Pixel (2016), Pixel 2 (2017), Pixel 3 (2018), and Pixel 4 (2019). Each of these previous phones was available as two different models, a regular and an XL model. However, there are already indications that Google will skip the XL this year and only publish a regular 5.

The name, although you may think it is unofficial so early, has been largely confirmed by Google at this point. In a beta version of the Google app, the name “Pixel 5” was discovered alongside other Pixel phones, including unpublished Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a (5G) devices.

We also saw references to Pixel 5 in AOSP back in February after the first 2020 pixel code names appeared. These code names arrived as “redfin”, “sunfish” and “bramble”. All previous evidence suggests that Sunfish is Pixel 4a, Redfin is Pixel 4a (5G), and Bramble is Pixel 5. So you know that previous Pixel phones had different code names for regular and XL models.

What else do we have apart from references to the phone?

Google Pixel 2 XL

A specification list is pretty short for now

With no phone expected for months, the list of Pixel 5 specs is almost completely unknown. We’re pretty sure the phone runs on a Snapdragon 765G (or 768G), has 5G, has a top-notch camera, charges wirelessly, and the elements are waterproof. We could also see a reverse wireless charging.

The rest of it is a mystery whether we will only get a double camera again or not. Will Motion Sense and Project Soli Radar return? Will there be a 90Hz or 120Hz display? Is Active Edge dead? Do we get more than 6 GB RAM and a start memory (finally) higher than 64 GB? Last year’s Pixel 4 battery weighed less than 3000 mAh – Google can’t make that mistake again, can it?

The thing is, we need Google to better omit the gimmicks and essentials. Given the price they’re targeting, this can be difficult.

What if the Pixel 5 costs $ 699?

With an integrated Snapdragon 765G and not the overpriced Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm, Google has the opportunity to clearly rate the next Pixel phone among the competition. There is no evidence yet, but a survey in May gave us hope that a starting price of $ 699 would be considered.

The survey compared a Google Pixel phone with the basics, a plastic case, and a headphone jack for $ 349 to another phone called the “Premium Google Pixel Phone”. The premium phone offers the best flagship, a top-notch camera, first-time access to Google features and innovations, and a price tag of $ 699.

For further comparison, we can look at other Snapdragon 765G phones to see if this is realistic at all. As it turns out, it is. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G was released with the same chip, a large full HD AMOLED display, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, a 4500 mAh battery with 25 W quick charge and a quad rear camera system for $ 599. The OnePlus Nord comes with (rumored) similar specifications and a price tag below $ 500. The LG Velvet could also arrive in this price range.

If Google sticks to this Qualcomm processor, drops Motion Sense and gives us the rest of the goods, I don’t understand why they couldn’t reach that price of $ 700.

How does it look like?

Here the pixel 5 rumor world gets a little shaky. So far, the only leak that claims to be the new Google Pixel phone is what you see below. It comes from a new leaker that says the images “are based on leaked CAD drawings”, similar to what we’ve seen on numerous other phones in the past.

Google Pixel 5

CAD renderings are mostly correct, but something feels wrong with them. For one, leaker @onleaks is not sold for them and has since shared some variations that he says are in circulation. In his renderings you can see that he suggests that there are designs for a normal Pixel 5, Pixel 5 XL and Pixel 5 XL 5G in the wild, although we have already told you that there is still no evidence of more than one pixel 5 device there.

Pixel 5 CAD renderer

These images also show a design with a rear fingerprint reader, a back that comes incredibly close to last year’s Pixel 4, and a front that would have Google do without Motion Sense, a new technology that was used only once.

In summary, these CAD drawings are out there and no one is quite sure what to do with them. At this point, this type of leak can best be described as unconfirmed.

What about a release date?

Earlier Pixel phones were all launched in October and launched within a few weeks. The original Pixel and Pixel 2 were shown on October 4th, while Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 slipped for a week or two. It’s probably safe to draw for the Pixel 5 in October, but if things change, don’t be shocked. We are experiencing another global pandemic that has already delayed the Pixel 4a by at least two months.

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