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What if cupcakes drive each other crazy?

Beat cake

Image: Cake Bash

What if you take a fairly harmless, lovable inanimate object like a cupcake and give it something openly aggressive – like a giant knife?

That is the requirement of Cake bash, a cute little party game from British developers High Tea Frog that we’re going to check out today. High Tea Frog is full of former Ubisoft developers with experience Guard dogs 2, The corporate division, Far Cry 4 and AtomegaI’m excited to see what happens when this talent works at a party game.

Together with that we also have a second game in the works – King of the Crabs, a free battle royale with … lots of crabs. It’s available in its early stages and on phones too, so the number of players shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

In any case, we’re starting the procedure this week 2.35-3.35 p.m. AEDT / 1.35 p.m. to 2.35 p.m. AEST / 2:05 p.m. to 3:05 p.m. ACST / 12.35 p.m. to 1.35 p.m. AWST. You can tune in below, and if you haven’t already, we would love for you to follow the channel.

You can also jump into our Aussie Discord server and we’d love to see you there. We have a nice little community and you can ask me or Leah any questions or hang out with the other TAYbies. Highly recommended. Lots of cool people in there.

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