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What is Game Help on PS5?

Best answer: Game Aid for PS5 is a PlayStation Plus member benefit that allows them to view hints and walkthroughs for specific objectives in some games. It is not known how many games support this feature.

When debuting with the PS5, game aid will be a new perk for PlayStation Plus members. The game aid allows players to view the objectives in the game and get advice on how to achieve them. These pointers seem to come in the form of photos and videos giving you tips on what to do. Because these are official game tips, you know that you are receiving correct information and that there are no potential spoilers.

These notes can be extended to the entire screen size. They are used in a picture-in-picture or side-by-side mode so you can view them during playback. The picture-in-picture and side-by-side views can be moved around the screen.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to use game help?

Yes. During the video in which PlayStation announced Game Aid for PS5, it was confirmed that you must have an active PlayStation Plus membership in order to use this feature. Aside from the PlayStation Plus collection, which Sony is gaining more subscribers with, this seems like another perk.

Which games support Game Aid for PS5?

It is unknown which games support game help. The example used in the video is Sackboy: A Big Adventure. I̵

7;d bet that most if not all of PlayStation’s first-party titles use game aid in some form, but this is just speculation. It can be up to the developer on a case-by-case basis which games will benefit.

How do I use Game Aid on PS5?

You can bring up the Control Center by pressing the PS button on your DualSense controller. In the control center, you can find activity cards with optional destinations that you can get tips for.

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