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what is the difference? – TechCrunch

Gone are the days when a company like Apple could simply bring a flagship handset or two to market. Consumer demands have evolved significantly in the 13+ years since the first smartphone was released, and the offering has had to evolve with it. That means more than ever that we can offer a wide range of features, sizes and prices.

Apple actually announced four phones at today’s event: the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. On top of that, the company is offering the 11 at a lower price and iOS fans have more options than ever when buying one new handsets are available with starting prices between $ 599 and $ 1,099. And of course the configurations increase from there.

All of the new devices announced today have some important things in common: 5G connectivity, the new MagSafe magnetic connector, OLED displays, and the A14 chip to start with. You also get the new iPad Pro design with straight edges that allow for additional antennas to be placed for next-generation wireless connectivity. From then on, however, it gets more complicated. There are a range of sizes, cameras, and capacities here to get you started.

Here’s a handy table to keep things clear:

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