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What lies ahead of us in IPO land for JFrog, Snowflake, Sumo Logic and Unity – TechCrunch

Welcome on Tuesday the TechCrunch Disrupt Week. In a few hours, I’ll be hosting a panel with the CEOs of Egnyte, GitLab, and the President of Kaltura on How Startups Can Generate Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $ 100 million. It will be a jam. Bring your questions!

However, let’s talk about some bigger companies now, which is all of the unicorns going public in this week. We can put Corsair Gaming, Palantir, and Asana aside when they debut next week. This morning let̵

7;s determine what JFrog, Snowflake, Sumo Logic and Unity is ahead of us.

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Yesterday we examined the latest price ranges for Snowflake and JFrog and thus created the conditions. With both companies setting new, richer price targets for their debuts, the technology market looks hot. This is good news for Sumo Logic and Unity, who are also scheduled to start trading this week.

Read on for your cheat sheet on all things going on in the IPO space, and in response to a kerfuffle on Twitter, make a note of why Snowflake sees such demand from investors despite a history of losses. It’s a good day to remind ourselves why, in certain circumstances, some losses are very bad and others are okay.

Big-Ass IPO week

After today’s trading, we expect JFrog and snowflake Price their IPOs. As a quick reminder, the two companies expect the following, starting with developer-focused service provider JFrog:

  • Target price: $ 39 to $ 41 per share.
  • Implied valuation range: $ 3.46 billion to $ 3.64 billion, excluding subscribers’ shares.
  • Final private valuation: $ 1 billion.

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