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What to Expect from Apple’s Time Flies Event – ShareCafe

Apple is moving into the spotlight this week – not because of the benefits or otherwise of the four shares shared for a share last week, but because of the annual unveiling session for some of its key products.

The kick-off event on September 15 will take place at a completely different time than in previous years – COVID-19 makes the function reluctant and the expected lack of a new iPhone model could very well reduce the importance of the event.

Apple’s event appears to overshadow the two-day Fed meeting, which ends Wednesday in the US with a statement that will not break new ground.

Apple has warned that the next iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks in October or November (the first quarter of Apple̵

7;s fiscal year).

This does not mean a late increase in the quarter ending on September 31 as in previous years and no immediate appreciation for December.

Apple stocks need a boost from a successful start day.

After hitting a new high of $ 137.98 on September 1, the day after the four-on-one split, stocks fell more than 18% to Friday’s closing price of $ 112 which brings stocks to the brink of correction.

This decline is far steeper than the simultaneous decline in the S&P 500 index of almost 7%.

The slogan for the virtual start on Tuesday is “Time Flies”. This has suggested to some analysts that the focus will be on a new installment of iWatch and intelligence services like blood pressure monitoring.

Some optimists that the bones of the iPhone will be revealed Tuesday to whet the market’s appetite for a launch in early November.

When the new iPhone is released, it is expected to be the first Apple device to feature 5G connectivity.

Analysts say consumers today may be reluctant to buy new phones that they know will no longer be compatible with 5G technology once those networks become more widely available.

Apple could launch up to four new iPhones this year, though those devices may not ship until November. All devices are expected to have OLED screens and square edges, which will give them a smarter and sharper look.

The top of the line phone may have a 6.7 inches diagonal screen, the largest for an iPhone to date, and this phone may have a new type of camera that allows for better interaction with augmented reality applications.

Marketwatch.com expects Apple to unveil a new iPad Air with thinner bezels and USB-C connectivity, like the more expensive iPad Pro already has, while recommending some sort of facial recognition tool for the cheaper iPad.

These products won’t change the outlook for Apple, and analysts would like some updates to its sales data for the quarter two weeks before the end of the year. Positive news in this area could slow or stop the erosion of Apple stock price for a while.

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