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What to expect from the Apple event on Tuesday

September has one of particular importance, especially in the northern hemisphere. The ninth month of the year means back to school, the change of seasons, the autumnal equinox. We are tuned to these rhythms from a young age, and at some point in adulthood they are muted by all the other things that occupy our brain space. Unless you work in technology, enjoy reading about technology, or are busy writing about technology. In this case, September is scheduled for technical events – Apple events.

For more than a decade, Apple has hosted a “special event” in September that takes advantage of that fresh start and presents the new merchandise long before the critical Christmas shopping season. The scene stealer should be the iPhone. Over the years, more product categories such as watches, headphones and tablets, as well as a smart speaker, have sneaked onto the stage. But the iPhone is September and September is the iPhone.

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7;t have to tell you this year is different. There are no predictable rhythms. We are groping our way through a global pandemic while millions of people are in economic hardship and the American West, Apple’s backyard, is literally on fire. Apple executives have already warned that this year’s new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks until October. The information released on the company’s last earnings call was both unsurprising and symbolically staggering: one more thing for the pandemic.

Still … Apple is holding an event next week. The event will be broadcast live and hosted virtually, like the software conferences we attended this spring at Zoom, WebEx and Teams. It’s unlikely that the event will focus on new iPhones, but there are other products for Apple to look out for from all of us – with the attention we still have.

Watch this room

The digital invitations sent out by Apple included the phrase “Time Flies,” a not-so-subtle reference to watches. Bloomberg also reported that new Apple Watches are in the works.

Yes, watches in the plural: Expect a new watch that showcases new technology and is at the top of the Apple Watch’s pricing structure. as well as a lower-cost model that may replace the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch has grown into one of the best-selling watches in the world in a relatively short period of time, and it’s an important part of Apple ensuring that all of your devices work together seamlessly. It’s also a popular health tracker, though, and it was rumored that this year’s top model could include a blood oxygen sensor.

A new iPad is also expected to be unveiled, a next-generation iPad Air with a design more similar to the iPad Pro. Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that some kind of 10.8-inch iPad will hit the market in the second half of 2020, along with a new iPad mini in the following months.

The big question is how exactly will Apple differentiate something like this sleek new Air from the 11-inch iPad Pro? According to reports, Touch ID is getting a makeover, whether it’s an in-screen touch sensor or one built into the iPad’s tactile power button. (Ideally, the new iPad also has a front camera that is centered when the iPad is in landscape mode. This would make it a lot better for video chatting – but that’s just a feature on my personal wish list and not based on evidence. )

In September, Apple will also usually release the final versions of the new software that was presented at WWDC in the spring. The official release date for iOS 14 is currently unclear, as new iPhones won’t hit the market until October. But millions of people will still update their “old” phones to the latest version of iOS, so Apple can keep the software version consistent with previous years.

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