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What’s the Best Apple Watch for Most People?

There are now two brand new Apple Watches that $ 400 series 6 and the $ 280 Watch SE. Which one should you choose? Well, it kind of depends. (I swear this is not an excuse.)

There are some key differences between them. The Series 6 is the flagship W.atch and has a brand new health sensor that no other Apple Watch has. The SpO2 sensor measures your blood oxygen levels both in a blood oxygen app as a 15-second sample and continuously during the day and night (when you wear your watch to sleep). It also carries over the Series 4 and 5 electrical heart sensor that is used by the US Food and Drug Administration-approved electrocardiograms to diagnose atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to stroke or other serious health problems).

And like the Series 5 before, the Series 6 also has a permanently switched on display. This year̵

7;s model has a screen that is 2.5 times brighter when not in use than the Series 5, which is useful for activities.

But the Watch SE is cheaper, and if you don’t know your blood oxygen levels or don’t need to take an EKG if necessary, this is probably the better option. You’ll also be sacrificing a constantly-on display, but the screen wakes up almost instantly when you raise your wrist so it may not do so The a big thing. And the SE has the Series 5 processor which is very fast.

“But wait,” you might be thinking, “there’s the Apple Watch Series 3 too!”

I mean, yes there is, but no, you shouldn’t buy this. It may be the cheapest Apple Watch, but it’s also three years old and has a processor to reflect that. Would you buy a 3 year old iPhone? I wouldn’t hope If you find one on release or have one, definitely. But don’t spend $ 200 on a watch that might not even support next year’s software upgrade.

If you need more help with your decision, watch the video above. We’ll go into all of the differences between the three watches you can buy right now and help figure out which Apple Watch is best for you.

Our reviews of Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE will be published next week. So stay up to date!

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