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Where are you on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

If you’re serious about Nintendo Switch games, you probably have a pro controller. It was our favorite switch controller here at Engadget from the start. Senior editor Devindra Hardawar called it “a solid alternative for gamers” and “a must if you are interested in fighting games”. We appreciate the built-in D-Pad and the general feeling in the hand. However, we’re less excited about the $ 70 price tag – which is less of a concern if you keep your eyes peeled after a sale.

With three years since its release, we would like to know how you feel about your Pro Controller. How much better is it than your Joy-Cons and what are your favorite games with it? Are there problems other switch players should know about? And where does it stack up among other gamepads, both previous Nintendo controllers and those developed for competing systems like PS4 and Xbox One? Tell us all of this and more in a user review on our Pro Controller product page. The most interesting and revealing reviews can be included in an upcoming review summary. So give your strongest opinion on this expensive first-party gamepad.

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