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Where to buy PS5: consoles, games and accessories

The Sony PS5 is now available for pre-order! At least in theory. With major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart down for hours, pre-orders for PlayStation 5 have not gone smoothly. But we’re here to help. How to get a shiny new PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition. When you shop PS5 pre-orders in the UK, Click here.

Where can I pre-order PS5?

UK update: The Currys PC World pre-order page is currently using a spirited queuing system. Keep trying. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and DualSense Wireless Controllers can now be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Amazon PS5 pre-ordered sold out, more expected soon, the digital edition also OOS. GAME UK has officially sold out its online allocation.

Last update (01

:09 a.m. PST): Target PS5 pre-orders are back for the Standard Edition for $ 499. Receive an additional 5% discount if you have a target redcard.

Update: Best Buy PS5 pre-orders are still in progress (and we have personally confirmed this in both the Standard and Digital Editions). They’ve fixed most of the issues and it’s now a lot easier to place your order. If you get the error “We’re sorry, something went wrong”, try another browser or open a new window in Incognito Mode (if you are already in Incognito mode, close the window and open it again).

Update: The wireless Pulse 3D headset, HD camera, DualSense charging station and media remote control are now available on Amazon. The Dualsense Controller is also still available.

Update: The Best Buy website is still very unstable, but the last thing on the PS5 pre-order page is the console that is still in stock. It works for some readers, but not for others. You may need to try different browsers or be willing to go through the checkout process multiple times.

To update: Amazon PS5 pre-orders were live for about 20 minutes, but inventory on both consoles now appears to be sold out. We will inform you when the console is back in stock!

These links below are your first and best choice when purchasing a PS5. Neither of them had an easy-to-buy inventory at the last check, but things are changing fast! We always keep these links up to date. Check them out first:

Walmart issued a statement stating that if you missed pre-ordering on their website, you can “pre-order” on 9/22 at Walmart stores for $ 499 (digital edition for $ 399).

Amazon’s placeholder page originally contained item details, but has since been removed. If an Amazon link or another retailer link changes or is replaced, these pages will be updated to always stay up to date. So keep checking back.

Sony began sending pre-order invitations to those who signed up on their website. Check your inbox to see if you have one. If so, you can pick up yours on Friday.

While you’re here, you can get much faster stock updates by following IGN Deals on Twitter.

GameStop PS5 Preorder Bundles

If you don’t mind paying more but also getting more when you pre-order PS5, check out one of these pre-order bundles at GameStop:

PS5 pre-orders should begin fully tomorrow, September 17th, at certain retailers, according to a tweet from Sony. With Walmart, Best Buy, Target and GameStop placing their pre-orders early, we are not sure what that means for the “official” PS5 pre-order date. Maybe they have more stock or are now fully sold out. We will let you know as soon as things change.

PS5 game pre-orders

Most AAA PS5 launch and launch window games are now thankfully available for pre-order from most retailers, including Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. As Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and others bring more games online, we are adding and expanding these lists:

Amazon PS5 Game pre-orders

Best Buy PS5 Game pre-orders

Walmart PS5 game pre-orders

GameStop PS5 pre-orders

PS5 controllers and accessories pre-orders

PS5 Dualsense controllers can be pre-ordered from almost all major retailers for $ 69.99. We’re still waiting to see if we can get more Dualsense colors before launch.

Best Buy PS5 Accessories pre-orders

GameStop PS5 accessories pre-orders

PS5 release date, price and breaking news

Both versions of the PS5, with or without a drive, have a US release date of November 12th. And we now know how much the PS5 costs: $ 499 for the standard version and $ 399 for the discless-only digital model.

Previously, developers shared their views on the SSD and 3D audio capabilities of the upcoming console. It’s developing into a very cool console. Sony has also created a page for PS Plus members to sign up on to pre-order PS5 directly from Sony.

We also have news from Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart is definitely a PS5 launch game, but it was confirmed during Gamescom that it was a “launch window” game that could mean anything.

If you’re just here for the Console Wars, check out our article on where to sign up for Xbox Series X pre-orders.

Where can I pre-order PS5 in the UK?

The “global rollout” for the release of PS5 will take place on November 19th. Here are links for PS5 pre-orders in the UK:
UPDATE 11:04 BST: The Currys PC World pre-order page is currently using a spirited queuing system. Keep trying. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and DualSense Wireless Controllers can now be pre-ordered from Amazon. Amazon PS5 pre-ordered sold out, more expected soon, the digital edition also OOS. GAME UK has officially sold out its online allocation.

PS5 Digital Edition

PS5 Game Preorder Deals in the UK

Although pre-orders for the consoles and bundles at GAME are sold out, you can still pre-order some of the most anticipated games of the year from retailers. Check out the best PS5 pre-order deals below, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy XVI, and more.

PS5 dualsense controllers, headsets, charging ports and more in the UK

Accessories like the Duelsense controller, headsets and more are currently on pre-order. GAME currently has a few for sale, see below. Amazon expects its pre-orders for accessories to be updated later in the day based on inventory levels. Keep an eye out for updates here.

PS5 UK dealer placeholder pages

These are all the pages you need to access if you want to get your pre-order as soon as possible when they go online. We’ll update the page when they do.

Will PS5 be easy to get?

So far it has been very difficult. Sure, a lot of people have pre-ordered their PS5 or PS5 digital, but it’s not without a few hiccups or total site failures.

PS5 price

The standard single-drive PS5 console costs $ 499 while the Discless version costs $ 399.

PS5 game prices

The good news is we know that games like Far Cry 6 support free upgrades from PS4 to PS5. While it looked like all PS5 and Xbox Series X games would cost $ 70, recent developments seem to suggest that publishers are sticking to the current price of $ 59.99 for many new games, at least for now. It looks like many first-party Sony PS5 games will cost as much as $ 70, including Demon’s Souls and Destruction All Stars. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is priced at $ 50, however, and looks amazing by the way.

To take a look at the first round of PS5 games, please see our guide to PS5 launch game lineup.

Will my PS4 controller work on PS5?

Well, not least for PS5 games. Sony has confirmed that DualShock 4 is not suitable for playing PS5 games. However, you can use your existing PS4 controllers to play “supported PS4 games”. Speaking of …

Will PS5 be backwards compatible?

Yes. Well, for PS4, we know some supported games will work. In a (now removed) entry on its support page, Ubisoft said about the backward compatibility of the PS5 that it “will be available for supported PlayStation 4 titles but will not be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation games “. Unlike Xbox, which relies on backward compatibility to the original Xbox as a selling point, it looks like PS5’s backward compatibility has a few asterisks.

However, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Plus collection, Sony’s answer to the Xbox Game Pass. To launch, PS Plus members can download and play some of the greatest PS4 games with their subscription.

Confirmed PlayStation 5 Games

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