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Which online food delivery services currently have slots?

The number of slots available for food delivery in the UK has increased in the past week. On Wednesday, Tesco announced that 120,000 additional grocery delivery and click-and-collect slots are available, bringing the total capacity for food delivery to around 780,000. The supermarket has promised to add another 100,000 in the coming weeks. ] and collect slots available until Easter. "[We] will add additional capacity in the coming weeks," said Mike Coupe, Sainsbury's CEO.

The online supermarket Ocado, Co-Op and Iceland claim to provide new food delivery slots throughout the day. And when you get through the online queue, Morrisons has raised its limit from three items per customer to four so customers can continue to donate to grocery banks.

Nevertheless, the demand for online food orders remains extremely high. And with the government's increasing demand to stay home this weekend, booking a grocery delivery service will still not be easy. So which supermarkets have slots? And what other services are still running? ] 1

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How to Get a Grocery Delivery Place

Most supermarkets ask you to visit the stores in person if you can so that they can prioritize grocery delivery places for older or vulnerable customers. Some, such as B. Waitrose, have closed their websites to new customers to help them with this. Others, including Sainsbury's, have contacted loyalty card holders older than 70 years.

If you are a vulnerable or know someone who is, you can register for assistance on the government website. Tesco prioritizes orders for people on the government's vulnerable list and will email everyone.

If you need to order groceries online, we recommend you check the website of your local supermarket the day. If you can register for an account, proceed as follows: This will make it easier for you to find a delivery location in the future. And book your delivery date first – once you have one, most supermarkets will give you about an hour to place your order.

Finally, if you can't get a grocery delivery space, don't forget that a meal is delivered. Services are still running. Recipe box services like Mindful Chef deliver fresh ingredients to your doorstep for cooking, while food suppliers like Allplants deliver meals cooked by their chefs.

Morrisons & # 39; £ 35 food box delivery

Two weeks ago, Morrisons started a food box delivery service aimed at providing essential items to customers who cannot get to the shops. "A Morrisons Food Box could be a real help if you can't get into a store right now to get essentials," the website says. "We are delivering a box of selected groceries and household items straight to your door.

Unfortunately, Morrisons' grocery box delivery service does not currently have available delivery spaces. The company states that" it does everything it can to increase capacity "- and we'll let you know as soon as we find new delivery locations.

Grocery Delivery

When will more online food delivery locations be available? The short answer is that no one knows for sure. The major supermarkets work around the clock To speed up the supply chain, and while it currently looks like it will be mid-April before many new slots for the delivery of groceries open, we see slots in supermarkets across the country the day.

We assess the situation daily and will tell you below which supermarkets are offering grocery deliveries as soon as we see them

Please remember to use all food delivery services responsibly. Order only what y you need to keep inventory for others who may be in need.

Grocery delivery: our process

We have registered with all of the major supermarkets listed below and created a shopping basket with popular goods. We then compared five different locations to determine which stocks are available in each area and whether delivery spaces are currently available.

Your situation may be different, but the places we covered were: London, Leeds, Portsmouth, Manchester, and Bath. Here is the latest version where supermarkets today offer online grocery deliveries …


(Photo credit: Tesco)

Next delivery date: Currently not available (last updated on April 2, 2018) )

Update (04/20/04): Tesco has expanded its capacity for food delivery and click-and-collect to around 780,000 delivery spaces. Although a few Tesco slots for the delivery of food appeared a few days ago on April 3, we currently cannot find any in the areas we tested. We have heard from people who checked regularly all day and still managed to book a slot.

Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco, sent a new message to customers this week: "We know that it is currently difficult to get a delivery date for online purchases. We are busy for the next few weeks and are asking these are able to get to the stores safely instead of shopping online so that we can free up more slots for the weaker. "

Tesco has a decent selection of foods online, but they are available right now be. Most brands are in stock, but eggs, hand soap, pasta, milk and bread are the exception, some items are sold out.

According to Tesco new slots for the delivery of food will be offered as soon as they are available daily .

How to open an account

Enter a valid email address and password and confirm whether or not you have a Clubcard. If you don't, you will automatically receive one when you register. Enter your personal information, including your phone number and UK postcode. You can then choose whether or not to receive offers and vouchers from Tesco.

Benefits and perks

Online shoppers can collect Clubcard points, and Tesco has started adjusting Aldi's price for both private label and branded products. A delivery saver pass is also available for regular customers and offers the additional benefit of priority delivery slots during the busy Christmas and Easter season.

Corona Virus Policies and Policies

Customers who shop online are encouraged to shop wherever possible to release delivery slots for older customers and those who isolate themselves.

Due to increased demand, Tesco is currently not accepting new Delivery Saver customers. There is a limit of only three items per customer for each product line, and multi-buy promotions have also been removed.

There is now a limit of 80 items for all online orders.

Sainsbury & # 39; s

(Photo credit: Sainsbury & # 39; s)

Next delivery date: currently not available (last updated 01/04/20)

Unless you are already Sainsbury's registered as a Sainsbury online customer and has paused all new online registrations.

Update (01/20/04): If you already have an account, we found some food delivery slots for March 31 and April 1 earlier this week, but older ones and vulnerable people are prioritized. The amount available depends on your region, but it's a positive sign that Sainsbury's is starting to cope with unprecedented demand. The company offers a Click & Collect service, but it is not yet available.

In a message to customers, Mike Coupe, Sainsbury's chief executive, gave more insight into the company's deliveries to the elderly or vulnerable: "Many of you have written to tell me that you are older or in need of protection and problems have book online delivery slots. We do our best to offer online delivery slots to older, disabled and vulnerable customers. These customers take precedence over all slots. "

Sainsbury & # 39; s announced that their customer Careline contacts worth a year. "in two weeks". Mike Coupe added: "I apologize to our regular online customers who I know are very frustrated not being able to book slots. Please contact us and I hope you can understand why we are have a need to give priority to the elderly and the elderly. " Customers in need of protection at the moment. "

How to open an account

Due to the enormous increase in online orders, new registrations have been interrupted for the time being. To register for an online account with Sainsbury, please enter your email address Enter your details on the following page and you can start shopping as soon as you are done.

Benefits and perks

You can collect and spend nectar points with any online grocery store A delivery pass is also available that can save you up to £ 156 a year.

Coronavirus Policies and Policies

Older customers and customers who are considered at risk will become a priority Delivery spaces are offered. [19659035] We continue to work 24/7 to feed the nation in these challenging times and have taken further steps based on what you put us in said the past 24 hours. Please read the latest from our CEO Mike Coupe here: https://t.co/I0kBAX5fmL pic.twitter.com/Ud6bAVfmMS[19459035lightboxes22March2020[19659055[Asda

(Photo credit: Asda)

Next Delivery date: Currently not available (last updated on 04/20/2014)

Update (04/20/01): With Asda you can still register online as a new customer, but online delivery slots are not available until April 19th. Click & Collect slots are also not available.

Similar to Ocado, Asda has now implemented a queuing system to cope with the heavy traffic on its website. However, there is no estimate of where you are in the queue or how long you have to wait. Articles such as pasta, hand soap and toilet paper are also in great demand.

In an email to customers, Roger Burnley, CEO of Asda, shared some information about how the company works when shopping online: "We provide hand disinfectants and gloves to our drivers and provide as many online shopping places as possible available We can encourage those who are able to shop safely in person – this enables us to deliver to the highly deserved. "

Roger Burnely added:" If you isolate yourself or have additional requests let us know when you order in the "Other Information" section. "

How to Register for an Account

Registering with Asda is quick and easy (as much as possible) Simply enter your email address and password, then enter your zip code. You can choose to receive exclusive offers and the latest information from Asda if you want.

Benefits and perks

With competitive pricing and an available delivery pass, Asda online shoppers can save up to £ 80 and £ 100 by purchasing a 6-month or 12-month Choose pass. Deals are highlighted on the Asda website, so you are unlikely to ever miss a crisp deal.

Coronavirus Measures and Guidelines

When ordering online, customers are limited to a maximum of three items for all groceries, toiletries and cleaning products.

When placing an online delivery order, anyone who is self-isolating is advised to complete the "Other Information" section to indicate where to place their order, ie on the doorstep.



(Photo credit: Ocado)

Next delivery date: currently not available (last updated on April 20, 2014)

Update (April 20, 2014 ): According to Ocado's website, slots are no longer available. The company appears to have abandoned its queuing system in favor of a daily update indicating whether or not delivery spaces are available.

The company also extends order closing times, prompting customers to complete their order in one session to avoid disappointment later. When you visit the Ocado website, you will be put in a virtual queue that can take up to four hours (the brand has stopped the app due to high demand).

In an email to existing customers on March 25, Melanie Smith, CEO of Ocado Retail, said that "no matter how hard we work, we will not have enough capacity to meet the unprecedented demand".

She went on to say that "as soon as we have capacity, new delivery locations will be released every day for the coming week."

It is currently unclear whether Ocado will allow new customers. If you have not yet booked a delivery, the Ocado website will find that availability is limited in the next few days.

How to Open an Account

You can sign up to Ocado through a Facebook and PayPal account or simply enter your details like your email address and zip code to register. Check the box if you want to disable Ocado's offers, vouchers and gifts before clicking "Register". .

Benefits and perks

New customers can use Smart Pass to deliver for free for three months, and Ocado also offers one-hour delivery windows.

Coronavirus Measures and Guidelines

Ocado was temporarily suspended due to high demand, but is now back online. Customers can only book a delivery date every seven days to free up more slots for other customers.

Some products are limited to one or two per order, and a small number of bulky items have been removed from the sale to make more space for each van. The company has reported how supplies affected its service during the coronavirus outbreak.

Every time Smart Pass members who joined before 2020 are placed in a temporary priority queue, they can book a delivery slot each week. Ocado sends an email and text message between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to allow members to access the queue.