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While TikTok is under attack, Snapchat is testing In-Snap music

Thanks to a perfectly coordinated new deal, snap managers have to whistle a happy tune.

Snap announced on Monday that it was testing a new tool that users could use to turn their snapshots into music. The feature was provided thanks to new contracts with record labels that allow Snapchat users to license songs in their Snap creations.

The timing of the announcement is raising eyebrows. The deep integration of TikTok into the music is a central part of the app’s DNA, since it is initially a lip-synchronizing video app and more recently a viral dance video app. TikTok dominated the social media landscape in 2020. The federal government is now threatening this position, as officials claim that TikTok̵

7;s Chinese property is a national security threat. President Donald Trump said personally that he wanted to “ban” TikTok.

This may open up for other apps, including Snapchat. According to Snap, 90% of 13 to 24 year olds are already Snapchat users. This is also the Gen Z demography that is most deeply intertwined with TikTok. By integrating music into Snapchat, this population group can create the dances and music memes directly in Snapchat, which could nullify TikTok’s dominance in this type of content creation. This is a valuable thing at a time when the app is vulnerable and users are concerned that their content and communities may not be available for long.

Snap will begin testing the new feature in Australia and New Zealand on Monday and plans to expand it further in the fall. For music licensing, the company has contracts with the Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell, the Universal Music Publishing Group, NMPA publishers and Merlin.

To make snaps better, users can swipe up to find music to add before or after taking the snaps. When users get a snap with music, they can swipe up to learn more about the song. You can listen to the entire track on Apple Music, Spotify or SoundCloud.

It’s surprising that Snapchat hasn’t had this ability yet. Instagram added the ability to incorporate music into Instagram stories in 2018. Given the uncertain future of TikTok, however, there is no time like the very tense present for Snap.

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