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Why did my iCloud photos show up … then disappeared?

Screenshot: David Murphy

As I already wrote, iCloud can be a bit confusing. This is not intended – at least I do not believe Apple intended it – but a number of people seem to be caught in the synchronization configuration of iCloud. It's great to see the same photos on all your iCloud devices using Apple devices, removing photos on a device and removing them everywhere.

Got it? Well. To the iCloud-themed Tech 911 question this week, sent by Lifehacker Readers Bryan:

"I was wondering if you could help me with my iPhone … I have one get new iPhone After my last one was stolen and after logging into my iCloud all my photos were restored with white clouds at the bottom. After all, they are all gone and I only have certain photos and some new photos. Let me know if you can help me.

So as not to rehash the intro, but when you hand over your photographic life to iCloud, you basically tell Apple to save all your photos. Everything you do on your devices, such as For example, take new photos, edit photos, or delete photos, sync backups to the cloud, and should look the same on all your iCloud-connected devices.

In other words, there's no reason why you should not see all of your iCloud photos on your brand new iPhone. You (of course) would not be there if you did not upload them to iCloud at all, but you did; They first appeared with the little cloud icon indicating that they are not physically on your device, but they are still in the cloud. 19659009] Hackers use Apple's Find My service to keep ransom devices out, MacRumors reports. …

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My first thought is that you check on icloud.com – yes on the website – to see if all your old photos are there. If you can not find it, check the "Recently deleted" folder. I'm not sure why they were magically removed that way, but it never hurts to look.

If your photos are not in iCloud or in the Recently deleted folder, you're having a big problem. We hope you've backed up your images elsewhere or previously downloaded your photos to other iCloud devices you own (for example, your Mac, iPad, etc.). If this is the case, I recommend that you first synchronize it with another service, such as Google Photos. (It never hurts to have too many backups of your photos.)

Let's say your photos are in iCloud, and for some reason you can not retrieve them in your iPhone's photo app. Now let's try troubleshooting. First, try disabling and enabling iCloud on your new iPhone – the software version of a reset switch. Click Settings, tap your name at the top, tap iCloud, tap Photos, and disable iCloud Photos. Wait a few minutes. Turn it on again. See if your photos are displayed.

Screenshot: David Murphy

If not, you can try to log out completely from iCloud by using the red red link "Logout" at the bottom of your Apple ID page and signing in again. Hopefully that should lead to it that your photos are displayed. You can also try changing to Download and Originals in the Photos section of your iCloud settings if it's not already turned on. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection and give your device some time to sync your data – maybe even a few days.

If you're still unfamiliar with photos, you can always try to delete your new device and restore it from your device Backup of an older device (assuming it's still in iCloud or wherever you've kept it). Remember to back up your photos to another service before logging in to iCloud again […]

Set up your iPhone as a brand new device and link it to the iCloud you used to use the same email address , can also help your iCloud sync work correctly, but this is a drastic step that takes more time.

If none of these suggestions help, it may be time to chat with an Apple specialist. (If you follow this path, please report back what you are saying, I'm curious what your solution was – if at all!)

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