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Why Frontier Returns to Legendary Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park is full of iconic scenes and moments, such as the impressive introduction to the park itself or the creepy Tyrannosaurus Rex attack in the rain. More than two decades later, Frontier Developments hopes to recreate part of this magic in Jurassic World: Evolution.

Jurassic World Evolution is a parking simulator on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC where you hatch dinosaurs and animals. Display them to maximize both your bottom line and your customers' security. But if you've watched one of the films, you know that this will never end well ̵

1; it's only a matter of time before your genetically modified dinosaurs escape and start enjoying what they see.

Since the game's release in summer 2018, Frontier has added more missions, dinosaurs, and stories. But the latest downloadable content, Return to Jurassic Park, is the most exciting add-on to date: it takes you back to the era of the original trilogy that took place after the events of the first film. They will work with Jurassic Park's three main characters – Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm – to restore the notorious Safari Park on Isla Nublar.

Return to Jurassic Park is the biggest update to the game ever released. While previous additions added a few new dinosaurs and buildings, Return fundamentally changed a lot of the core mechanics to match the look of the 1990s films.

"Essentially, the entire game was remodeled with a Jurassic Park version so that you can play the entire Jurassic World Evolution again, but in Jurassic Park style," said executive producer Rich Newbold.

However, the most surprising thing about the DLC, especially for longtime fans, is that the original actors repeat their roles: Sam Neill (who plays Alan), Laura Dern (Ellie) and Jeff Goldblum (Ian). Goldblum was already a spokesman for Jurassic World Evolution's campaign, but Return to Jurassic Park is the first time since the first film that all three characters are together again.

"Jeff previously played Jurassic World Evolution as Ian Malcolm, so it was a little easier for him to talk because he knew what he was getting at," said Newbold. "But Sam and Laura, they were great as soon as we connected with them and showed them what we were up to."

Restoration of Original Dinosaurs

Return to Jurassic Park offers a number of recognizable places and landscapes. Jurassic Park's visitor center, with its thatched roof and fossilized archway, functions as the main work center where you can research and create dinosaurs. The DLC also has similar themed toilets that are only slightly larger than those that the T-Rex destroyed in the film.

One of the biggest differences between Jurassic World and Jurassic Park is the look of the dinosaurs, so Return adds several new skins from the JP era that you can use for those who were already in the game. Two new creatures are also added: the small but lively Compsognathus (a.k.a. "compys") and the flying Pteranodon. Newbold said the goal is to bring the dinosaurs as close as possible to the film versions.

To achieve this, Frontier worked closely with its partner Universal Games (a subsidiary of Jurassic franchise owner Universal Pictures), the latter providing original assets and audio files from the film's production archives for reference.

Your dinosaurs are not scientifically accurate, but they have their own style and presentation as dinosaurs. So we make sure that our dinosaurs are Jura dinosaurs as much as possible, ”said Newbold.

But the content is not fairly limited to the first film. Players will also find dinosaur skins based on the sequels The Lost World and Jurassic Park III including new looks for Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

"Our community is very We know the differences between the films and would definitely like to do it within the scope of this expansion," added Newbold.

A Real Passion Project

Every time Frontier starts a paid expansion, a major update is released that is available to all players, regardless of whether they bought the DLC or not. Returning to Jurassic Park is no different. The coincident update 1.12 brings its own major changes, for example that dinosaurs can finally attack your roaming ranger teams. An ongoing partnership with Intel also helps ensure that all content is optimized for Jurassic World Evolution to work properly on Intel GPUs. According to Studio, the company continues to benefit significantly from Intel's support.

Jurassic Park and working with the original actors were not always part of their plan. But as big Jurassic Park fans themselves, the developers often talked about this possibility. When the opportunity came to work on it, a dream came true.

“There are many fans who simply know it as Jurassic World. This is your entry into the franchise. But there are a large number of communities that are Jurassic Park people. Nostalgia is such a key feeling, and we also have that in the office, and we want to deal with that further. “

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