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Why is the GoPro HERO9 A cheaper for $ 140 with a subscription of $ 69.99?

Okay, this is one of those stories that sound too good to be true, but I assure you that it is.

You can buy the new GoPro Hero9 camera in two ways – by subscription or directly.

Hero9 Black costs A $ 699.95 if you buy it now, or A $ 559.95 with a one-year GoPro subscription.

Seems like an obvious choice right? This incredibly bold GoPro pricing means that not only can you get the camera cheaper for AUD 140, but it also offers a 12-month subscription (worth $ 69.99). Together, this means that when you purchase the HERO 9 with a subscription, you get $ 209.99 worth of money.

Buying a GoPro with a subscription is not like buying a phone subscription. Unsubscribe at any time and the camera is yours.

Why should GoPro do this?

Up until now, GoPro Plus was a subscription that offered unlimited cloud storage (full quality), no questions asked replacement if you break your GoPro, and 50% off the accessory price.

This first phase of GoPro subscriptions felt like they were dipping their toes in the water and I never felt like a lot of people chose the services.

This time, GoPro goes all-in on subscriptions. Obviously, they expect customers to fall in love with the benefits of a subscription and continue to pay $ 69.99 per year ($ 17.83) or $ 7.49 if you go from month to month.

I think the accountants at GoPro smashed the spreasheets and predicted that the overall customer benefit will likely bring back a lot more than the original price of the camera.

If you look back on the history of GoPros, they’ve had a regular once-a-year cadence for almost a decade. That said, they get a sugar hit when a new model is announced and then it drops off as we near release next year. This is an incredibly high income, and exactly the opposite of what businesses love, which is why so many are switching to subscription-based pricing.

In the GoPro ecosystem, they have both hardware and service revenue, so the best of both worlds. While not everyone will become subscription customers in the long run, I suspect many because of this aggressive and bold offer.

By converting more customers into a subscription, GoPro not only gets the sugar hit from the camera launch (and accessories), but also monthly, more sustainable revenue from month to month for the whole year.

Existing GoPro subscribers can also take advantage of the AUD 559.95 pricing at GoPro.com.

“HERO9 Black reflects our commitment to delivering what our customers have wanted, including better value for money.

HERO9 Black is a beast of a product, and GoPro subscribers can save it on GoPro.com for AUD $ 140 while enjoying unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro footage, up to 50% off everything on GoPro.com with no questions asked Camera replacement.

And we’re not done yet, as GoPro subscribers will get more value-added benefits later this year. “

Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro.

The final reason the higher option is really to buy in bulk. GoPro has a number of video artists who just want a few cameras and are not interested in subscribing.

To recognize this, GoPro decided to offer the camera without a subscription. Without the longer income from these customers, we won’t see the same discount, which explains the higher price.

We have also seen many customers buy GoPro’s that have had them for generations. Unless you ask, subscribers cannot simply smash their old model to get the latest. So please don’t try.

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