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Why it is better to wait for this next generation console

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are due out in a few weeks’ time, with a plethora of gamers looking to secure their pre-orders ahead of what is sure to be a sparse vacation deal. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, confusion, cynicism, and fear of the next generation. However, here’s a secret: you might be better off waiting for the systems of your choice to buy.

While I’m confident that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will eventually become noticeable advances for the gaming industry, the good news is that you don’t need to upgrade just yet. Many people are still not convinced that these new consoles are worth the upgrade. In fact, most people probably shouldn’t buy either console when they start, even if they can afford one. It̵

7;s a good idea to wait at least a few months. Here’s why.

You need a really good TV to get the most out of the new consoles

The PS5 and Xbox Series X can render games at 4K resolution with HDR, high frame rates, and ray-traced lighting. Games will certainly look impressive on both consoles, but unless you have a TV or computer monitor that can also When you achieve 4K HDR and high frame rates, a lot of the visual flair is lost.

Decent 4K TVs are no longer difficult to come by, but only a little over a third of all US households that own TV have a 4K TV to date. So we can assume that a large proportion of the people who play a next-generation console will have to buy a new TV along with their new console in order to get all the benefits.

Buying a new console is expensive at best, but 2020 saw a deadly pandemic and record-breaking natural disasters such as forest fires, hurricanes, and blizzards. Worse, the full force of the economic impact has barely hit us. $ 300 ($ 412) – $ 600 ($ 823) for a new console, a few hundred for a new TV, and $ 40 ($ 55) – $ 70 – Dollars ($ 96) per game is an prohibitively expensive package for many people. And that doesn’t even add any extra accessories you might need or want, such as: B. Controllers, headsets, charging stations, cameras, etc. If you wait a while, you can spread these purchases over time without going into debt of a grand or more.

Pre-ordering is a nightmare; Patience is easy

Between the destruction of the economy by COVID-19, reports of manufacturing issues, and unexpected (and random) availability, the PS5 pre-order situation is a mess. Most online pre-orders sell out in moments, with scalpers turning the console over more than double the MSRP. Starting materials and holiday needs are also likely to be small.

The Xbox Series X and S are hopefully easier to buy in advance. The next generation Xbox models will be pre-ordered for all retailers on September 22nd. They’ll likely sell out in just a few seconds, but that at least gives everyone time to prepare.

If you can’t pre-order a new console before it starts, you may be in line next on the day they go on sale, but me Really do not recommend this. Waiting outside for hours – often overnight – in late November is generally a bad idea, however in particular amid a pandemic.

There become More PS5s and Xboxes will be available after launch, and they will be easier to get hold of as the months go by. The same goes for the Nvidia’s RTX 3080 or any other sold-out piece of hardware that you’re dying to get your hands on.

Save yourself the hassle (and the chance of catching a potentially fatal virus) and wait for the level of care to return to normal. Many of the games that you would play on the new consoles are available on the hardware you already own.

Yes, you can play most of the next generation startup games on PS4, Xbox One, or PC

If you’re struggling to pre-order a new console due to low supplies or financial pressures, your PS4 and Xbox One can play many of the biggest new titles well into 2021, if not longer.

Unlike most console generation leaps in the past, many of the early PS5 and Xbox Series X titles will also Be the date and day on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even PC.

First-party PlayStation 5 games also released on PS4:

First-party Xbox Series X games that will also be released on Xbox One:

  • As dusk falls
  • CrossFireX
  • Halo Infinite
  • Psychonauts II (also coming to PS4)
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
  • Tetris Effect: Connected (also coming to PS4 from 2021)
  • The gunk
  • Note: All first-party developed Xbox Series X games will also be available on PC when launched through Game Pass on PC.

These are just the first-party games that are playable on the older hardware we know so far;; The list is compiled when you factor in third-party cross-gen titles and older PS4 / Xbox One games that are being republished on the new consoles.

Sure, the PS4 / Xbox One versions don’t run as fast on the older consoles and lack the 4K, ray tracing, and high frame rates promised by PS5 and Xbox Seris X – but most of these titles can be updated to the next generation Editions free once you have a new console (just make sure you buy the correct version).

There aren’t many exclusive games out there anyway

Cross-gene support is a smart, consumer-friendly business choice. But it also reveals the biggest problem these two next-gen consoles face: the lack of original, exclusive console games at launch.

Only from the PS5 grid Astros playroom, Demon souls, and Destruction All Stars are real PS5 exclusives, while the Xbox Series X … has nothing. You can play any Xbox Series X startup games on a PC or Xbox One instead.

Games will obviously look and play better on the new consoles, and there will be plenty to play with thanks to a large library of backward-compatible and cross-genre games on both platforms. But the whole point with new consoles is this new games There is nowhere else to play, and just not very many of them yet.

If you haven’t already sold on either box, you can be sure that you can at least wait for these new consoles to become more widely available and their libraries to expand a bit.

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