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Why the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller is Special

PlayStation 5 starts this holiday and Sony releases a new controller that matches the system. The DualSense of the PS5 is a continuation of the DualShock gamepads. It has the same basic structure with symmetrical two analog sticks and the familiar face buttons. But Sony is building on that with new features like haptic feedback and triggers for adaptive resistance. The idea is to give players a feel for their games.

"We had a great opportunity to innovate with PS5 by giving game developers the opportunity to find out how they could enhance this immersion feeling with our new controller," said PlayStation platform chief Hideaki Nishino in one Blog post. "That's why we introduced haptic feedback that adds a variety of strong sensations that you will feel when playing, such as the slow rudeness of driving a car through mud. We also have adaptive triggers in the L2- and R2 buttons integrated by DualSense so you can really feel the tension of your actions, like drawing a bow to shoot an arrow. ”

DualSense also includes several microphones that you can use to communicate with friends, even if you don't have a headset

Sony is also dropping the "Share" button and replacing it with "Create", which introduces new opportunities for players to create and share content from their gameplay.

"Our goal with DualSense is "To make players feel like they're in the game world as soon as they open the box," said Nishino. "We want players to feel that the controller is expanding Your self is when you play ̵

1; so much that you forget that it's even in your hands. "

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Sony is now sending the DualSense to developers.

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