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Why Xbox Game Pass is the best deal for PC games

When I say an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription is the best offer in gaming today, that’s not an idle recommendation. I have a deep hatred for today’s subscription culture. Yes, lots of streaming and subscription services are worth every penny, but generally I hate that everything from Microsoft Office to Adobe’s Creative Cloud to freaking underwear tries to bind you with monthly payments. So when I say Game Pass is worth it, I really mean it. Stand aside, humble bundles.

At first, I actually refused to sign up for Xbox Game Pass for PC because I had just enough subscriptions again. But I succumbed to its siren song, as an obsidian The outer worlds debuted thanks to his first inclusion in the service. The hooks of the service have sunk deep and fast. Paying just $ 5 a month to access over a hundred games during beta was ridiculously good value, and it stays that way at the full $ 1

0 price tag. Now, Xbox Game Pass for PC is just as important in my house as Spotify and Netflix. I can’t see my subscription ever expire.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Access to Microsoft games on day one

Gear tactics IDG / Hayden Dingman

That’s great Gear tactics Costs $ 60 but was on Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one.

In the past, most gaming subscription services only offered access to old games that you’ve likely played before. Microsoft’s exclusive first-time vendors are coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on the day of their release, which means Xbox Game Pass for PC members can play new titles in the version Halo, Forza, and transmission Franchise among other things immediately. Now more specific to PC gamers, Microsoft now owns Obsidian and InXile Studios, two of the most famous developers of modern day CRPGs, for you to immerse yourself in The outer worlds and the eagerly awaited Wasteland 3 as part of your subscription.

Xbox Game Pass for PC also includes hot games from other developers, such as: Yakuza 0, Ark: Survival Evolved, Nobody’s heaven, and Metro: Exodus. The supply of big budget games from other publishers isn’t nearly as large as the first party selection, but that is mitigated by my next point. The full list of Xbox Games Pass for PC titles can be found here. As of this writing, there are a whopping 193 games.

It will get deeper soon. Later this year, EA will bring its EA Play subscription games (formerly Origin Access) to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost. Microsoft says it will add, “Like over 60 of EA’s biggest and best console and PC games FIFA 20, Titanfall 2 and Need for speed heatas well as titles from some of EA’s most popular franchises like Battlefield, crowd effect, skate, and The Sims, ”Along with extended trials for newer games like Madden 21.

2. Abundant, excellent indie games

frostpunk xbgp Brad Chacos / IDG

Excellent indie games like Frostpunk Xbox Game Pass for PC abound.

For PC gamers who enjoy Deep Cuts, Xbox Game Pass for PC has an incredible selection of critically acclaimed indie games spanning a wide variety of genres. If you enjoy trying new games or if you’re not comfortable paying full price for games from lesser-known studios, Xbox Game Pass for PC is your answer. (Seriously: go play A plague story: innocence, frost punk, kill the tower, and Dead cells if you haven’t already!)

The wide range of indie games to choose from makes Xbox Game Pass for PC a lot more attractive in my opinion than competing subscription game services like Origin Access from EA or Uplay + from Ubisoft, whose libraries usually only contain games from these particular developers. Microsoft’s subscription offers a wider variety of games, although Origin’s plan includes a nice indie selection too.

3. New (good!) Games are added regularly

xbgp recently added Brad Chacos / IDG

Xbox Game Pass for PC regularly adds games and highlights new versions.

There’s always something new to play on Xbox Game Pass for PC. New games are being added all the time. The curated selection ensures that they are always available Good Games – Indie titles you’ve never heard of are worth playing, too.

In the last month alone monitoring, Minecraft Dungeons, Alan Wake, Cities: Skylines, Dungeon of the Endless, Battletech, Nobody’s Heaven, and The Bard’s Tale Remastered are just a few of the new games that have landed on the service. They’re all great, and together they offer hundreds of hours of gameplay before you even start digging deeper into the residue.

Third-party games usually take a while to publish on Xbox Game Pass for PC. So if you are a gamer who needs to play the new hotness nowThe service is a little less attractive. That said, it’s a great way to play lesser-known titles that you might not want to pay full price for. Just be aware that games can be moved back out from Xbox Game Pass for PC support – much like shows going in and out on Netflix – so don’t wait to long to get to a fascinating looking game

4. Free Spotify and more

Microsoft has some nice extra perks as part of your Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. Right now you can claim six free months of Spotify Premium as well as free extras for online games like Warframe, world of tanks, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Beat.

You can also save 10 percent on any games you want to buy that are part of Xbox Game Pass for PC. That’s not very tempting if you can play a game as part of your subscription, but it is a great deal when it comes to DLC packs and other add-ons (and it’s especially useful when a game you love leaves the service). Note that these DLC packs are tied to the Microsoft Store version of the game, so they don’t necessarily need to be rolled over to Steam or other PC platforms.

5. Games actually work

Finally, install and play the games without a headache. This shouldn’t be a huge plus, but when it comes to Microsoft’s PC services, it definitely is.

xbgp external worlds Brad Chacos / IDG

Unlike the Microsoft Store’s endless error messages, the Xbox app shows actual buttons like these.

Games downloaded from Windows 10’s Microsoft Store app have been known to be buggy for years, with numerous authentication errors and aborted downloads that require a complete reinstall. It’s bad enough that I vowed to buy Microsoft Store Games after blowing my data cap Gears 4 Furnished. I spent $ 60 on it Forza Horizon 3 just to suffer from mistakes for hours.

Xbox Game Pass for PC will skip the Microsoft Store. Instead, you download games through the Xbox app. I have never encountered a problem installing or playing a Game Pass game before. They just work – unlike the Microsoft Store. I dont know Why The Xbox app works so well while the Microsoft Store works so poorly across large games, but I know it does. Without Xbox Game Pass for PC, I could never play Forza Horizon 4 or Gear tactics (although Microsoft now plans to release some first-party games on Steam as well).

Conclusion: try it out

Even if you usually only pay for games you actually own, Xbox Game Pass for PC should be a try. At just $ 10 a month, it’s less than the cost of a pizza. Even after months of subscription, I barely scratched the depths of the service. Between the Xbox Game Pass for PC, the weekly giveaways from the Epic Game Store, and possibly one or the other Humble Bundle, you can unlock a nearly endless amount of gameplay for the cost of a single new Triple-A game. Affordable games are a big part of what makes PC gaming so great compared to consoles, and Xbox Game Pass for PC sticks to that tradition despite its console name.

And no, you don’t have to pay for multiplayer.

Try it once. Microsoft even lets you try Xbox Game Pass for PC for just $ 1 for the first month. I did so after months of hesitation and fell deeply in love. Maybe you will too

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 3, 2020 but has been updated to include Microsoft’s new $ 10 price tag after the beta and EA Play games ended.

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