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Windows 10 20H1 Update: News, Rumors, Features, Release Date and more

Microsoft may be a few months away from the release of the May 10, 2019, Windows Update, but anyone with a PC logged in to the Fast Insight Windows Insider beta tester may get an early preview of the next steps Big Windows version for next year, currently codenamed 20H1.

Whether file explorer, virtual desktops and some settings and security options, this next version of Windows looks and feels different. Here is a closer look at the novelties.

Price and Release Date

  Windows Update October 10

Not to be confused with the 19H2 update that will appear in October of this year brings some major changes to the operating system. Based on the encoding of Windows Powershell the update in May 2020 – after the release month as in earlier versions of Windows 10 – should also be referred to as an update.

As it ships, you should expect it to appear as always under Windows Update. There are no additional costs, as featured updates for Windows 10 are always free.

Changes to File Explorer and Windows Ink Workspace

  Here's what's new in Windows 10. 20h1 Enhanced File Explorer
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At the top of the list of key enhancements in 20H1 is a slightly new interface for File Explorer. The update allows rounded corners and a new search system.

This means that locating your files and apps will be easier and better, thanks to improved spelling correction technology. In addition, Windows Ink Workspace will be smaller with this version, providing easier access to Microsoft's inking and collaboration services. These include Microsoft Whiteboard and Snip & Sketch for capturing and sharing screenshots.

New Cortana Experience

  Here's what's new in Windows 10. 20h1 cortana
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Cortana may have been redesigned from the separate search bar with the Windows update of May 10, 2019, but in version 20H1 the digital assistant is undergoing a major overhaul.

Similar to the Cortana app on iPhone and Android, the assistant is now much more talkative. with an emphasis on text. You can enter commands to ask about sports, weather and more. You can even drag Cortana into a separate window that you can take anywhere.

Changes in Tablet Mode

  Windows 10 Tablet Mode Insider Version 18970

More and more users are switching from traditional laptops Microsoft is using the 20H1 update to the Windows 10 tablet mode to optimize. If you remove the keyboard from your tablet in this update, Windows will not prompt you to switch to tablet mode. Instead, Windows is now tweaking the desktop interface and changing the space between icons in the system tray. You'll also get a larger touch-friendly version of File Explorer.

The search bar also turns into an icon and the touch icon The keyboard automatically appears when you type in text boxes.

PowerToys celebrates a comeback

<img src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-dt-lazy-src = "https://icdn3.digitaltrends.com/image/ digitaltrends / img_5cd30980d610f-png-pagespeed-ce-6pvz_vnzmw-650×407.jpg "onerror =" dti_load_error (this) "class =" size-full wp-image-2388657 dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending "alt =" Here See what's new in Windows 10. Microsoft will also reintroduce PowerToys and the old feature of Windows 95, a set of utilities that help advanced users optimize and enhance their Windows experience Get Productivity Open windows that let you create a new desktop, send a particular app to that desktop, or maximize the app on this new desktop.There is also a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use with PowerToys Available on GitHub where you can get it from can subcharge.

Minor Changes to the Virtual Desktops, Calendar in the Taskbar

  Here's what's new in Windows 10. 20h1 Rename Desktops
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Users who like virtual desktops can use 20H1 to rename the virtual panes and save them to restart the computer. And for those who want attention to detail, there are calendar enhancements that allow users to add events via the taskbar.

There are also more ways for users to control notification options, with a direct link for settings that appear at the top of the Action Center. This builds on the new app-specific notification options that are available when you hover the mouse over a notification.

Changes to settings

  What's new in Windows 10 20h1 Hello Microsoft

Changes to settings in 20H1 are made by Microsoft Continue using the Windows Hello face recognition system as a secure login method. Windows users with a computer with a compatible webcam can log in using only Windows Hello and remove all passwords from the login screen.

For users using Windows in multiple languages, it is now easier to set up a default language for Windows apps and services.

Cloud Download

  News in Windows 10 20h1 Cloud Download

If your laptop or computer encounters an error, you usually need to download a Microsoft ISO or use the included one Your PC's built-in media to reinstall Windows 10. Well, with the 20H1 update, Microsoft makes it easy to reinstall the operating system.

You Want to Know What's Now Available on MacOS If you want to reset Windows, you can select Cloud download from Windows – without having to create installation media. It installs the same builds, versions, and editions of Windows that you last ran and installed on your device.

Other changes

In addition to the major changes mentioned above, there are a few more interesting changes with 20H1 in both versions of the Task Manager and the settings. Users can view disk types and GPU temperatures in the Task Manager and control and limit the bandwidth used by Windows Update. In addition, Microsoft has unbundled Windows 10 Notepad, which means that it can occasionally be updated with new features via the Microsoft Store.

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Greater than 19H2

Unlike the 19H2 update, which focuses more on minor changes to Windows, this 20H1 release offers more new features, and as this update will be released in the second half of 2020, you can expect Microsoft continues to make improvements over time, so you can sign up as a Windows Insider if you want to get started with one of these new Windows features.

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