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Windows 10 could soon be more helpful in terms of update blockers

If you manage a Windows 10 device, there is a relatively high chance that you have encountered one or more update blockers since using or managing the device.

Update blockers prevent updates on devices that Microsoft considers incompatible with a published feature update. Incompatible does not necessarily mean that the device never receives the update, but rather that something is preventing the update from being installed correctly, or that the updated system would have problems after the update was installed.

Things like an incompatible driver or application version, a system setting, or a specific hardware device can cause Microsoft to set update blockers.

One of the main problems Windows 1

0 administrators face with devices with update blockers is the lack of information Microsoft provides. While there is the Windows 10 version information dashboard that highlights some of the known issues preventing feature updates from installing, there is nothing of the kind built into Windows.

The dashboard lists some update blockers and fixed issues. However, the information Microsoft has provided is often insufficient to correct the problem on the affected devices.

Some reports are useful enough for troubleshooting; For example, when Microsoft mentions that some “older drivers” are causing problems for a particular hardware device.

Problems with Windows 10 update blockers

The dashboard does not list all of the issues that are preventing feature updates from being installed on devices.

ZDnet’s Mary-Jo Foley reports that Microsoft may be working on a solution that will provide administrators with more information if update blockers are encountered. Your unnamed sources confirm that Microsoft is aware of the update blocker problem and that the company plans to address it on two fronts.

First, by testing more hardware and driver combinations and using artificial intelligence / machine learning to identify potential problems faster, ideally before the feature update is rolled out, and second, by making administrators who encounter update blockers “specific and actionable “. Information.

All of this has to be filed under rumors for the time being, as Microsoft has not yet made an official announcement or introduced these changes (without making an announcement that is also quite common in the company).

Closing words

Further information, especially if it leads to the dissolution of update blockers, is always welcome. Driver-related issues, in particular, are a great example of how Microsoft administrators can provide actionable information.

If Windows Update determines that a driver is the cause, Microsoft can easily notify administrators that updating the driver can fix the problem. Microsoft might even suggest installing a compatible driver, or at least providing a link to the manufacturer’s download website, to be more convenient for customers.

Microsoft is unlikely to be able to provide actionable information for all update blockers, as some may require company website troubleshooting, software updates, or driver updates.

Still, most administrators would likely appreciate any information Microsoft provides in addition to what is currently provided.

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Windows 10 could soon be more helpful in terms of update blockers

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Windows 10 could soon be more helpful in terms of update blockers


If you manage a Windows 10 device, the chances are relatively high that you have encountered one or more update blockers since you started using the device.


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