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With Amazon Dash Cart, you can skip cashier lines in supermarkets

Amazon wants to give the good old shopping cart an upgrade of the 21st century. The e-commerce giant today launched Dash Cart, a smarter trolley that allows you to skip the traditional cashier line.

Equipped with a mixture of sensors, a scale and cameras, the Amazon Dash Cart can recognize what you are placing in it. Once you’re done with what you want, you can just walk out of the store through a special checkout and Amazon will automatically bill you. The Dash Cart also has a touchscreen in advance that you can use to access your Alexa shopping lists, view items in your cart, or enter a coupon code.

The Amazon Dash Cart processes payments through an Amazon account. So when you first enter a store, you need to scan a code to connect your shopping cart to your Amazon account.

Amazon Dash Cart

It is interesting that the Amazon Dash Cart is based exclusively on the technology with which it is equipped, instead of sensors that are distributed via a checkout-free smart store, as in the case of Amazon Go. In this way, Amazon Dash Cart can act as an Amazon Go store on wheels and work in standard in-patient facilities – provided it contains a Dash Cart compatible cash register. This is why Amazon is launching the Dash Cart for the first time in its own traditional supermarket in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

“Our main motivation for this build was to save customers time,” said Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology CNET. “The alternative solutions are in the express checkouts or fiddling with self checkout stations.”

With the dash cart, Amazon is building on its efforts to use its digital e-commerce chops for the offline shopping experience. Because the dash cart doesn’t need a full-fledged smart store, Amazon can roll it out faster and ultimately attract more buyers to its grocery and subscription services.

We have turned to Amazon for more information on the availability of Dash Cart and we will update the story as soon as we know about it.

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