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With Steam, you'll soon be able to play only local multiplayer games with distant friends – TechCrunch

Co-op video games are wonderful.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to bring everyone to the same TV – and not all co-op games are playable online. 19659002] With that in mind, Valve has been working on something called "Remote Play Together", which will be included in the Steam game launcher later this month. By making the game more or less believing that all players are in the same room, you can remotely play with your friends.

Valve has posted a note on its Steamworks developer-only site about the upcoming feature that was first noticed by PCGamer. The note quickly reached the Unity developer forum.

"Your local multiplayer games will soon be enhanced with automatic support for Remote Play Together on Steam," it says. "All local multiplayer, local co-op and split-screen games will automatically be added to the Remote Play Together beta we plan to launch in the week of October 21


The pending launch was later confirmed by Valves Alden Kroll:

How does it work? If you have ever used PS4 Remote Play (which lets you transfer PS4 games to your smartphone) or transferred a game from your PC to an Nvidia SHIELD, it's a bit like this … just optimized for multiplayer. A player hosts the game on his computer. Steam sends one stream of graphics to all others, captures the controller / keyboard input, and sends it back to Player 1. As far as the game knows, everyone is sitting on the same screen.

Of course, it's important to note that some games here are almost certainly better than others. While streaming technology is getting better, it's inherently lagging – and in many games, the delay comes to a standstill. Hopefully, Valve makes it clear to the players that this is all quite unofficial; If a game is not playable due to latency or anything else that brings Remote Play into the mix, it's not really the developer's fault. According to Valve, developers can disable beta if they see fit.

According to Valve, Remote Play Together will officially support up to four players in one game and find that the experience is only as good as the connections of all involved.

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