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With the LEGO GPU Kit you can build your own GPU

We're not sure how many of you might remember, but there used to be a very popular 3dfx voodoo GPU. It was one of the more classic GPUs from previous computer days, and if you've always wanted to own one, you're in luck because you can do it somehow.

According to a submission to LEGO ideas from user Bhaal_Spawn, he recreated the 3dfx Voodoo GPU in LEGO form. Of course, it doesn't power your computer, but we have to say that this is a very clever idea and the design looks (almost) just right! The actual LEGO kit has not yet been made, but Bhaal_Spawn certainly hopes that this will be the case.

For strangers, users can send ideas to LEGO to see if they can be converted into buildable kits. Anyone can submit an idea, but LEGO requires at least 1

0,000 votes to be considered at all. At the moment, Bhaal_Spawn's idea has received over 400 votes, and LEGO is giving him a little over a year to reach that 10,000 mark.

It remains to be seen whether his idea can reach these numbers or not, but if you love this idea and want it to become a reality, visit the LEGO Ideas website and vote for it to make this 3dfx Voodoo LEGO- Kit becomes a success.

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