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With the Logitech G923 road bike, you’ll feel every corner of the road

The entire experience, based on Logitech’s TRUEFORCE Force feedback, felt more like a racing game in a custom arcade cabinet, where everything is fine-tuned to restore the feeling of high-speed driving. I admit, after a couple of races, I was sweating as if I was actually behind the wheel of an expensive supercharged vehicle. According to Logitech, TRUEFORCE processes the physics and audio of the game engine over 4,000 times per second to convey this feeling of realism. This is not a specification that I can easily test, but my accelerated heart rate spoke. Apparently my body thought I was going to have an exciting encounter in the real world.

Unfortunately I couldn̵

7;t get the G923 to work Forza Horizon 4, my current racing obsession because it has not been updated to support TRUEFORCE. Setting up was also difficult GRID 2.0, because the game did not automatically recognize all controls on the wheel. I hope some game updates can make up for these issues, but be aware that your title may not be fully compatible with the G923 when launched.

Once again, Logitech seems to have another success for racing enthusiasts. Anyone who really cares about playing driving games with a sense of realism would probably not keep an eye on throwing $ 400 for haunting new force feedback. It’s less clear whether current Logitech bike owners think that TRUEFORCE is reason enough to spend that much money again.

Although I can’t exactly compare the experience with Logitech’s older products, I can say the following: after testing the G923, I always know what I’m missing when I play again Forza Horizon 4 with a gamepad.

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