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With this car charger, you can control Google Maps with just voice commands

Voice commands have been around at the wheel for a while as they are available not only as factory-installed technology in some cars, but also as part of the mobile experience on Android and iOS.

However, GoVoce VC100 promises a completely different approach as it is essentially a car charger that connects to Siri and Google Assistant so you can control everything hands-free.

The device, which also has two 3.4A USB ports for charging your devices, can be used with both iPhones and Android devices and supports all types of voice commands that are already part of the functionality of your assistant, including setting up navigation and making calls or playing music.

How it works is pretty simple. VC1

00 connects to the digital assistant that is running on your phone, be it Siri or Google Assistant, and then instructs it to do something according to your voice command.

Why not use your phone right away and hold onto this charger? That was my first question too.

The company that invented this charger states that it’s especially useful when the phone isn’t in a place where it can pinpoint what you’re saying.

In addition, the VC100 has built-in noise cancellation, which you can also hear while listening to music, as well as far-field speech recognition for working from a distance of up to 5 meters. It also offers offline voice commands, dual USB chargers, and support for connecting to your FM radio to turn your car radio into a speaker without the need for bluetooth.

There is no need to have a companion app installed on the mobile device. Just plug the charger into your car’s wall socket and use it.

GoVoce VC100 is currently listed on Kickstarter and is hoping to get around $ 6,450 in crowdfunding support before going into mass production. At the time of writing, the project has only raised just over $ 700, but the campaign has 42 days left.

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