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Women of the Marvel Universe: Anti-Hero Division



Forget the March madness. We have a much more geekielleres tournament for you: the women of the Marvel universe . There are four divisions of 32 Badass heroes and villains from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Comics, X-Men films and Crossovers and more. The last matchup will make a goodie against a bad one … and only a Marvel woman will stop in our mega-brace .

Best of all, you can decide who that is (1

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Why we love the women of Marvel


Meet the Antiheroes Department . These baddies are ambitious, relentless and determined to win, no matter how expensive they are. Click on the names to learn more about the history, powers, and appearance of each symbol. (Some of them have been published in Marvel's comic books under various names.)

  • Mystique: Marvel's version of the Big Blue Nation. She is a shape-changing mutant with even more movable motives.
  • Typhoid Mary: With more personalities, there seems to be more power. As Mary, she is powerless; Unleash her uncontrollable individuals, Typhoid or Bloody Mary, and she'll use telekinesis, pyrokinesis and mind control to defeat you.
  • Fog: This cyborg is incredibly skilled in combat. Her wrists are provided with blasters that can burn a person with a shot.
  • Proxima Midnight: A melee expert. She is clever with a spear and has left many close fights behind to fight another day.
  • Emma Frost: A real diamond of a rogue. No, this Omega-class telepath can turn itself into a diamond, making it insensitive to almost anything stinging, hot-headed assassin. She is trained in Ninjutsu, but her mood puts her in trouble.
  • Aida: This happens when artificial intelligence for S.H.I.E.L.D. something gets too complex. She is a fascist teleporting robot with feelings. Angry feelings.

See who wins and who was knocked out every week on on our main page . Take a look at the other categories here:

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