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Women of the Marvel Universe: Blockbusters Division



Forget the March madness. We have a much more geekielleres tournament for you: the women of the Marvel universe . There are four divisions of 32 Badass heroes and villains from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Comics, X-Men films and Crossovers and more. The last matchup will make a goodie against a bad one … and only a Marvel woman will stop in our mega-brace .

Best of all, you can decide who that is here (click on Twitter for the full thread!):

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Meet the Blockbusters Division which consists of big names and even bigger superpowers. Click on the names to learn more about each hero's story, powers, and appearance. (Some of them appeared under different names in Marvel's comic books.)

  • Gamora: She is particularly familiar with knives and swords and is a ruthless killer who became the Guardian of the Galaxy. Besides, she's green.
  • Scarlet Witch: A magical, telekinetically gifted product of genetic experimentation and a trainee of Black Widow.
  • Shuri: A fearless inventor whose tech genius competes with Tony Stark. Each armor piece or device worn by T & # 39; Challa comes from its mega-chest. Look out for their own Panther gloves.
  • Storm: controller of the weather and the master of lightning of the X-Men. She is considered one of the strongest mutants of all time.
  • Captain Marvel: A fighter pilot who turned into a half alien fighter for the best.
  • Okoye: Leader of the Wakanda Elite Dora Milaje Special Forces. There is nothing she can not turn into a weapon.
  • Black Widow: A deadly assassin and an impressive weapon master. She is a human Swiss knight of skill: gymnastics, spy tactics, acrobatics, martial arts – she can do it all.
  • Maria Hill: The right hand of Nick Fury and a clutch fighter for S.H.I.E.L.D. If all goes to hell, Hill is the only S.H.I.E.L.D. Member guaranteed to keep things running.

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Originally released on February 24th at 6:30 pm. PT
Update at 11:45 pm PT : Updated Twitter voting thread added.

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