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Wonder Android gaming phone takes notes from Nintendo Switch

When word came out of the Xiaomi-powered Black Shark Gaming smartphone, it was compared to the Nintendo Switch. When it was started, it was only half a switch. Nonetheless, it seems that Nintendo's hugely successful hybrid portable console has inspired quite a few in the smartphone market to go the same way even less. One of them is a startup called Wonder, whose dreams for an Android-powered gaming-centric smartphone are as well as the switch, but not so.

To be honest, all that Wonder has right now is an idea and an early (and at least working) prototype. It featured The Verge, which looks like a normal Android smartphone, with a custom WonderOS that runs on Android and would allow its display to dock when docked to an external display. Wonder is not just about copying the Nintendo Switch. In a way, it tries to copy Nintendo itself.

The idea of ​​a portable game console is nothing new. Sony has tried this with the PSP and less successful with the PS Vita. Even the Android gaming device is not a novel concept. From the failed OUYA box to the handheld NVIDIA SHIELD handheld and tablets, there have been several attempts to bring Android to new heights. Nothing Stays Long

For Wonder COE and co-founder Andy Kleinman, the switch's success was not just due to the innovative device. It was thanks to the right mix of ingredients, from hardware to software, to game developers and publishers who could cook Nintendo together in a sweet switch pot. In other words, it was the entire ecosystem that made the switch what it is today, and that's what Wonder is trying to bring to the mobile gaming industry.

How come this is not even Wonder sure. It's hardware that gets compromised by a smartphone, a dock, and a controller can not even seem like a unique miracle product. Instead, the 30-member startup focuses on WonderOS, which would overclock the hardware of an Android phone for more intense gaming, among other things. It seeks to create a software suite that enables manufacturers to install their devices and services that game publishers can use. It's still a dream, but a dream that Android fans definitely want to realize.

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