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Wonder Woman 1984 postponed to Christmas Day 2020 (5 dates and count!)

It is a wonder this film was not delayed past the date it was delayed today. Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to the original Wonder Woman film released in June 2017, which is part of the DC Extended Universe collection of notable films. This cartoon-led film started with the main photography on June 13, 2018 and ended in December of the same year.

Another date change! Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled to be released on December 13, 2019. Then it was changed to November 1, 2019. Then it was changed to June 5, 2020. Both changes were in effect before the global COVID-19 pandemic set in.

After COVID-19 surfaced en masse here in the US, Wonder Woman was postponed to August 1

4, 2020 in 1984. It was then postponed to October 2nd and then again to December 25th, Christmas Day 2020.

This could be a good sign for those investing in the long-term health of the companies involved in the film’s release. The ability to change a release date for a big movie just ONCE is considerable. Changing a movie’s release date half a dozen times is almost unknown. Any company that can do this has to have great faith in the product.

Above is the latest trailer for the 1984 film Wonder Woman. Despite the title, this film does not take place in an alternate reality in which Big Brother subjugated the masses and Macintosh computers and a hammer swinging runner saves the day. This is a Wonder Woman story set during the Cold War between the United States (and the West) and the Soviet Union.

This should be particularly interesting if you’re playing here in the US immediately after the 2020 presidential election. Tensions mounted in 2018 when it was found that Russia had a bigger stake in the US presidential election than ever before. Since then, little has been done to prevent a similar situation in November.

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