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Would you buy a 700 hp 2020 Ford Mustang for $ 40,000?

Brown Lee Ford of Tennessee wants to sell you a 700hp Mustang with a $ 40,000 guarantee.


The old saying that horsepower sells cars is completely right. Look at cars like the Hellcat or the ZR1 Corvette or the upcoming Shelby GT500 . The thing is, these cars are a bit expensive and not every geek can afford off the road, so there's a whole network of tuners and aftermarket dealers that can meet your need for speed for well under $ 90,000, the one Hellcat has Red Eye will throw you back.

In this case, we have Brown Lee Performance, a Ford dealer from the beautiful state of Tennessee, who announced Thursday that he is ready to build a 700-horsepower Ford and sell Mustang for around 40,000 Dollar. Well, here's the point, as someone who has driven [1

9459135] several cars with this kind of performance I can say with certainty that it is probably too much power for most people on the road – myself included – but that will not stop an enthusiast.

However, Brown Lee's offer is so wild that it caught my attention. How exactly does a 700 hp car look like with $ 40? First, get a 2020 Ford Mustang GT in either Grabber Lime or Twister Orange (a $ 495 option). Brown Lee's road to accomplishment begins with one of those bad guys: a Phase 1 Roush compressor.


Now keep in mind that Ford lists the GT fastback at $ 36,475 ahead of options. If you want an automatic transmission that increases the price by $ 1,595, we assume that the Brown Lee kit starts with a manual.

Then add a Phase 1 Roush TVS compressor kit, retail for $ 7,699. This kit includes the compressor itself, a priming kit, intercooler, software to recalibrate the factory controller, and all hoses, straps, and brackets required for screwing.

Brown Lee Performance states that these modified Mustangs will do so. They retain their factory warranty and can be bought for the finances and all the usual things you expect when buying a new car. What I can not imagine is how the dealer makes money from this business?

Well, first of all, how Ford's dealer prices work (or at least how it worked when I was a Ford dealer employee so many years ago), the more vehicles a dealer sells and the better the customer feedback, the lower are the prices when buying inventory from the manufacturer.

This means that a company like Galpin Ford in Southern California – also known as the world's highest-volume Ford dealer – will pay far less for its Mustang GT than a smaller dealer. It is obvious that Brown Lee is a relatively large volume trader.

Next, Brown Lee is a Roush Master Dealer, meaning that it makes enough deals with the sale and installation of Roush's performance products it gets Roush's Best Price. Instead of paying $ 7,699 for a Phase 1 compressor kit, it probably pays half of it.

Roadshow spoke to Brown Lee's specialist vehicle manager, Brock Patterson, and learned that the dealership plans to sell around 200 Roush-modified Mustangs this year. That's not all, and considering that the $ 39,995 price does not include brakes or suspension or wheel and tire enhancements, we'll be surprised if most of them do not roll much more away. 19659016] Now in the Game:
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