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Would you like to read 5 bestsellers in one hour? This highly rated app can make it for $ 29.

TLDR: 12min summarizes hundreds of bestselling nonfiction books into one essential 12-minute microbook. Get access to their library for only $ 29.

No one has more time to read.

Okay, maybe you just read that. But you understand what we mean.

Between work pressure, family commitments, and other daily time devouring hours like a hungry sponge, we're all lucky enough to find enough time to read our Twitter feeds, let alone a whole book.

Luckily. 1

2min is an app that you can not yet give up the art of reading. You can sign up for a life-long subscription to the TNW Deals curated collection of non-fiction books at one of the lowest prices ever, at just $ 29, with a current $ 10 price drop.

12 minutes are as good as their name sounds. Each volume in her catalog has been reduced to a 12-minute summary.

Read or hear as the 12-minute team breaks down key concepts and ideas into hundreds of bestselling books on finance, parenting, leadership and sales, productivity, and more. The library adds about 30 new books per month. If you do not find a summary of a specific book, just recommend it for 12 minutes and you will add it to your collection.

Summaries can be saved in text or audio form for offline review, so that whenever you find 12 minutes of your day, you're ready to learn something new.

A lifetime subscription to the extensive 12-minute archive has expired $ 340, but with the current price cut it is available for $ 29, less than the cost of a bestselling bookstore. Or try 12 minutes a year for just $ 19, and still save over 70 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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