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Xbox Game Bar gets the widget store with support for Xsplit and more

Microsoft extends the Xbox Game Bar on the PC by additional functions. This is the gaming command center built into Windows. You can access the game bar at any time in a game by pressing Win + G. In this way, you now also have access to widgets for external apps.

The Widget Store appears in the Xbox game bar today. This allows you to connect controls for broadcast tools such as the XSplit Gamecaster. While the Game Bar has its own recording and streaming options, many users prefer the functions of Gamecaster. The problem with this, however, is that you may have to press Alt-Tab to the software to make changes. The XSplit widget changes this.

Today you can find the Widget Store in the Xbox Game Bar, where you can subscribe to GameCaster. You can also add Razer Cortex or Intel Graphics Command Center to help you improve your system for gaming. But now you can use all of these features without having to minimize your game window.

However, these are only the early partner widgets. Microsoft also released the Game Bar SDK in beta today. This way, anyone can create a game bar widget that can introduce any number of powerful tools into the overlay. Depending on how friendly the SDK is, these new widgets should appear soon.

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