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Xbox Project Scarlett may have a cheaper sibling without a disc with Project Lockhart

There has been some rumor for some time now about a lower-cost, next-generation Xbox console just below Project Scarlett, the high-end console that Microsoft announced last year at E3. So far, however, only a very few of these rumors based on anything essential.

Thanks to some great reports from Kotaku's Jason Shreier, we now know that there is, indeed, a console from Microsoft that still has lower quality play all the next generation games.

Project Lockhart will be a diskless console – a feature inherited from the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition ̵

1; but Kotaku's sources believe it will be much more powerful compared to Microsoft's current disc-less Box comes with both a solid-state drive and a faster CPU than any current game console.

The report also states that Microsoft has advised developers to shoot for a resolution of 1440p and 60 frame rates per second with Project Lockhart and 4K / 60 with Project Scarlett. The same developers compared the performance of the lower console with that of the PS4 Pro.

How much does Project Lockhart cost?

That's the million dollar question right now. The developers were not notified of these important details, or they were not notified to Kotaku.

For now, we can only say that it's under Project Scarlett – the Xbox One X equivalent for the next generation of consoles – and that Project Lockhart is used primarily as a digital gateway for both Microsoft games – streaming service, Project xCloud and its Xbox Game Pass service.

Is Project Scarlett or Project Lockhart more powerful than the PS5? Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to that, and according to developers who have had first-hand experience with both, neither.

These and many more questions will probably be answered sometime in 2020 if both consoles receive a proper disclosure and announcement – we hope – before the E3 2020.

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