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Xbox Series X launches in November without Halo Infinite


Xbox Series X starts in November.


We finally know when we’ll see the next Xbox – Microsoft will launch it Xbox Series X. this November. The tech giant announced the launch month on Tuesday and will meet the promised timeframe for the 2020 holiday season, although there is still no word on pricing.

We can also have more solid dates; the packaging on an unreleased Series X controller According to The Verge, retailers shouldn’t sell or display the devices until November 6th.

The console news came with a caveat as one of the biggest launch titles for the console – Halo Infinite – is being postponed to 2021 after initially looking for a similar release window for the 2020 Holidays. Some fans follow Express concern about the graphics of the game after a July Gameplay demo.

Microsoft announced the console’s refined release window on Tuesday via a blog post, possibly to mitigate the blow of the Halo Infinite delay. 343 Industries, the team behind Halo Infinite, announced the delay on Twitter:

Halo Infinite, which will also be available for the currently available Xbox One and PC, should work bigger and more visually intense battles than any previous game in the series. The first halo was released in 2001 for the original Xbox. Original developer Bungie eventually left the franchise to work on Destiny, another popular shooter series, but 343 Industries has been at the helm of Halo since 2011.

Even with the Infinite launch postponed to 2021, Microsoft promised to “play thousands of games spanning four generations when Xbox Series X launches globally this November”. This year there will also be “over 100 titles optimized for Xbox Series X titles to take full advantage of our most powerful console.”

Without a doubt, Halo Infinite is one of the main attractions for the new Xbox console as it prepares to compete with the one to come PlayStation 5 by Sony – Halo is one of the best-known franchises available exclusively from Microsoft. The announcement highlighted the many other titles that have hit the console in the meantime and promised the ability to play games for all four generations of Xbox.

The PlayStation 5 is also expected this Christmas season, along with one Miles Morales Spider-Man Game. Sony has not narrowed the release date and, like Microsoft, has yet to announce the prices for the console.

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