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Xbox Series X supports Dolby’s latest technology, but you need more than the console

Microsoft released a lot of information about the Xbox Series X and Series S this week, including the fact that both consoles will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound in the future. Today, Dolby gives us a better idea of ​​what to expect from these technologies on Xbox Series X / S, while also making it clear that people need more than just the console to enjoy Dolby Atmos.

In a tweet today, Dolby confirmed that Xbox Series X and Series S will be the “first ever consoles” to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. While Dolby Atmos will be available for launch on both consoles, we’re told that Dolby Vision is simply “coming soon”. On a promotional page on the Dolby website, the company says that Dolby Atmos will arrive in 2021

and will “unlock the most realistic and lifelike graphics the game has to offer, with brightness, contrast, color and depth that push the envelope.” go beyond traditional HDR games. ”

Those with home theater settings probably already know the requirements for Dolby Atmos, but for those unfamiliar, Dolby made things clear in a follow-up tweet. “To experience Dolby Atmos with the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you need a TV, sound bar, or home theater system that is enabled with Dolby Atmos,” the company said. “There are many makes and models to choose from, so you have many options to suit your budget and facility.”

Elsewhere, Dolby says those who have already paid for Dolby Atmos for headphones on Xbox One can continue to use it while noting that this Xbox Series X / S integration isn’t a new subscription. While Dolby Atmos for Xbox Series X / S doesn’t require a separate purchase of Dolby itself, users need to download the Dolby Access app in order for it to work on these.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are getting a pretty big boost in the next generation of Dolby. There is no doubt that we will learn more about Dolby’s technologies as we near the launch of these new consoles. So stay tuned to find out more.

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