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Xbox’s next generation plans go beyond a console

“Our fans will want to know what is unique about this collection [of consoles]and I think that’s the generation, but I don’t think we have to use a generation to shut out players, “he said.

“The largest franchises in the world can be played on multiple devices. I shouldn’t be left out from playing with my friends because they aren’t on the same make or generation of devices as me.” m on. “

At the same time, the new systems will be launched with the ability to play thousands of games. from 2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowindto Fourteen daysto Assassin̵

7;s Creed Valhalla which starts on the same day as the consoles. According to Spencer, you can be confident that games you already own will run faster and look better thanks to the power of new consoles and technologies like the high dynamic range implemented by AI.

“We respect players’ decisions and investments with us … I want to be able to turn on my console and see the games I want to play, not the games they want to sell me,” he said.

Microsoft’s two consoles share much of the same specs and technology, but the Xbox Series S is significantly smaller and less powerful than the Series X and does not have an optical drive. According to Xbox, the main feature difference is that the Series X plays games in native 4K while the Series S plays in native 1440p (between Full HD and 4K).

Xbox Global Head Phil Spencer.

Xbox Global Head Phil Spencer.

“The difference in performance between our two consoles is reflected in the price difference between them, and yet they’ll all play a great library of games,” said Spencer. The X Series is priced at $ 749 while the S Series is priced at $ 499. Spencer also wanted to point out a partnership with Telstra, which gives buyers the option to pay for an Xbox and Game Pass – a monthly subscription that gives you access to all of Microsoft’s games and more than a hundred others – after a 24- Monthly plan.

“The economic uncertainty that a lot of people are facing right now is a real life situation. But even in the long run I think increasing the number of players who can play – not increasing the price of what it means to Being a member of Xbox is critical. We want new ways for people to enter our ecosystem, and we want to make them as accessible as possible. “

In addition to the new computers, Xbox will continue to deliver games to older consoles, PCs, and Microsoft’s burgeoning smartphone streaming app. In many cases, game progress and user settings are synchronized in the cloud.

According to Spencer, Game Pass – which currently has more than 10 million members – is the company’s “future platform” and will be agnostic across systems. Console sales are no longer the key metric for performance.

“We measure success by how many people play on our platform, how long they play and how much fun they enjoy the games they play,” he said.

“Sure, we run a business, but the revenue will follow the commitment.”


The ability to run Game Pass on your phone via cloud streaming, which launched overseas last week but is not yet available in Australia. Local employees are currently testing the system in their own home, according to Spencer, and launching it in Australia is a priority going forward.

The system also has its limits in the USA. The resolution is 720p, there is inevitably a certain amount of latency and it is currently limited to Android devices as Apple doesn’t allow this on the iPhone.

“This is the beginning of a platform. And I think we’re years away from saying, ‘Hey, that’s the only way you should be playing,” “Spencer said.

“But for a lot of our customers, it’s a handy feature to take advantage of, and frankly there are some markets where the only device someone has is the phone and we’re more than happy to see our content and to be able to use our community for this. ” Devices for these players. “

While Xbox brings the most powerful (by some standards) and most affordable consoles for the next-gen race in November, it is easily the two new PlayStations that are most anticipated. The PlayStation 4 has become the most ubiquitous traditional home console of the current generation thanks to its exclusive games made by Sony studios around the world, and the PlayStation 5 is keen to continue that strategy.

Although some of its first PS5 titles will also be available for PS4, Sony, which refused to provide a spokesperson for this article, has made it clear that it believes in discrete generations and that PS5 will be the only way to experience lots of games .

The company also launches a CD-drive and non-CD drive console on Nov. 12 – priced at $ 749 and $ 599, respectively – but unlike the Xbox pair, the PlayStation 5s will both be equally powerful.

“People who buy a game console want to keep using it for four, five, six, or even seven years. They want to believe that they’ve bought something that is future-proof and won’t be out of date in two to three years.” “PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan told AV Watch, a Japanese outlet, translated by Video Games Chronicle.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (left) and the standard PS5.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (left) and the standard PS5.Recognition:

The idea of ​​a two-console generation, one of which is much more powerful, was launched by Sony in 2016 with the PS4 Pro. However, when it comes to introducing a new generation, Sony believes that customers want the best possible performance.

Sony is also not interested in the Game Pass model. Ryan tells GameIndustry.biz that it would not add any new versions to a subscription model.

“These games cost many millions of dollars to develop, well over $ 100 million ($ 137 million). We just don’t see this as sustainable,” he said.

However, older games can be an exception. Although the exact details of how older games you’ve purchased work on PlayStation 5 are not yet known, Sony has unveiled a collection of popular PS4 games available for download on PS5 to members of its premium PlayStation Plus program.


While some of Sony’s “We Believe In Generations” and Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere You Want” roundtables boil down to marketing, with clear exceptions or contradictions in reality, there are indeed philosophical differences between the two ecosystems that this generation belongs to Can do the most differently in relation to Xbox and PlayStation.

Sony has a proven record of promoting incredible exclusive games at its studios that Microsoft has only previously promised to match with new studio acquisitions and creations in the future. On the flip side, Microsoft has backed up its inclusive talk with actual options for less wealthy gamers, and has committed to putting its exclusive products in Game Pass, where almost anyone can play them.

Thomas Rice, portfolio manager for the Perpetual Global Innovation Share Fund, said he expects in the near future Sony will retain the majority of the mindshare it has amassed in the last generation. Although Microsoft has the cheaper box, the fact that Sony has the cheaper “high-end” experience gives it the benefit.

“I do not think so [the Xbox Series S] will appeal to the console’s core audience alike. I see it as a strategy to bring the more marginal user to consoles overall, “he said.

Although he expects hardware diversification and a move to the cloud to pay off in the long term, the time is not yet right, he said.

“Right now we’re in the transition from disc to digital, and eventually we’re going to move from digital downloads to clouds. I’m excited to see how these new services work, but I think we have a few years left and this will become the norm.”

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