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XRP is the latest cryptocurrency from Coinbase Pro – TechCrunch

Coinbase announced on Tuesday that XRP will be the last cryptocurrency to reach its pro-level trading platform. With Coinbase Pro, users can instantly transfer XRP to the platform ("After 10pm on February 25th"), but there will be a delay of at least 12 hours before trading is activated.

Support for XRP will be available to users on the Internet USA (but not in New York), UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and the EU. As one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies in the area, the addition of ripple RFA will certainly give cause to the hot-blooded armies of supporters and critics of institutional bank coins. The cryptocurrency has been constantly criticized because it is centralized and no longer used for cross-border payments by financial institutions.

"Once a sufficient supply of RFA is available on the platform, trading in XRP / USD, XRP / EUR and XRP / BTC order books begin in phases, starting with the post-only mode and the full trading if our metrics for a healthy market are met, "the company said in its announcement.

For the time being, XRP will be limited to Coinbase Pro, the feature rich platform of Coinbase, formerly known as GDAX, which the company declined specifying when XRP would reach the regular Coinbase platform, though these extensions have often followed Coinbase Pro by several weeks in the past.

Last year, Coinbase began expanding its former Spartan coin deals to offer a much wider range offers that go beyond the years of support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and a handful of other offers that a were derived from these core coins. XRP is the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, following Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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