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Yaguara raises $ 7.2 million to help e-commerce companies better understand customers – TechCrunch

Yaguara, a Denver-based startup that aims to help e-commerce companies better understand their customers to deliver more meaningful experiences, today announced a $ 7.2 million investment.

The round was led by Foundation Capital with the participation of Gradient Ventures, Rainfall Ventures and Zelkova. It was also supported by several e-commerce experts, including Warby Parker, Harry's, and Allbirds.

Jonathan Smalley, CEO of Yaguara, worked for an agency that developed cloud tools specifically for online businesses when he realized that data needed to be merged into one place and help businesses better understand their customers' behavior.

“Yaguara is based on integrating data and having all data in the right place. For us, it started with several dozen tools, from performance marketing to your actual e-commerce data to your fulfillment and unit economic data ̵

1; all in one place so that you can see your data in real time. "

" Then our platform provides predictive and prescriptive insights and recommendations to individual users on your teams so they can use the same set of data to get results across the organization, "said Smalley.

Screenshot: Yaguara

You create this data set by connecting to a variety of popular tools to understand what happens throughout the customer lifecycle, whether it is customer acquisition through Facebook or Google ads, or termination data of the shopping cart or the number of times the customer has returned to buy. All of this helps to create a better picture of the customer.

While this sounds like a customer data platform (CDP), Smalley says it's actually more than that. While the CDP provides the pipeline for your data sources like Yaguara, it doesn't stop there. He says it reduces the complexity of helping front-line marketing personnel access and query this data without knowing SQL or R or having a technical intermediary to understand the data.

While the company is still young, it already has 250 e-commerce customers who use the platform. With the new cash infusion, it should be possible to hire more employees, build more data connectors, and continue to work on expanding the platform.

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