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YC Alaun Paragon receives $ 2.5 million for TechCrunch low-code app integration platform

Low code is a hot category these days. It helps companies create workflows or simple applications without programming knowledge and frees up valuable technical resources for more important projects. Paragon, a member of the Y Combinator Winter 2020 cohort, today announced a $ 2.5 million launch round for its low-code application integration platform.

Investors are Y combinator, Village Global, Global Founders Capital, Soma Capital and FundersClub.

“Paragon makes it easier for non-technical staff to create integrations with our visual workflow editor. We essentially provide building blocks for API requirements, interactions with third-party APIs, and conditional logic. So users can drag and drop these building blocks to create workflows that describe the business logic in their application, ”said Brandon Foo, co-founder of the company.

Foo admits that there are many low-code workflow tools, but many like UIPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere focus on automating robotic processes (RPA) to automate certain tasks. He and co-founder Ishmael Samuel wanted to focus on developers.

“We really focus on how we can improve developer efficiency and how we can take advantage of low code for product and development teams and make it easier to build products without having to write manual code for each integration, and that really can streamline the product development process, ”Foo told TechCrunch.

How it works: You can drag and drop one of 1

200 predefined connectors for tools such as Stripe, Slack and Google Drive into a workflow template and connectors can be created very quickly to trigger an action. The company is based on an AWS architecture without a server, so that you define the trigger action and subsequent actions and Paragon takes care of all the requirements for the back-end infrastructure for you.

It is early for the company. After starting private beta in January, the company has 80 customers. There are currently 6 employees, including Foo, who previously co-founded Polymail and Samuel, who was previously Uber’s senior engineer. You plan to hire 4 more employees this year.

With the two founders of the founders, they definitely want to build a diverse team around them. “I think it’s kind of built into our DNA. As a diverse founding team, we may have a broader perspective and perspective on hiring the kind of people we want to work with. Of course, I think there’s always room for improvement, so we’re always looking for new ways to make our recruitment process more inclusive [as we grow],” he said.

As for the pandemic survey, he says it was a crazy time, but he believes that they solve a real problem and that they can be successful despite the current macroeconomic conditions.

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