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You can now blur your background with Google Meet

You no longer have to frantically hide the chaos in your home before every conference call: you can now blur your background with Google Meets.

In a new blog post, the company revealed that it added a feature thatintelligently separates you from the background. “Blurs the background but still keeps it clear and sharp. Just like the ability to filter out annoying noises, the new functionality is part of Google’s effort to limit distractions during conference calls.

Here it looks in action now:

Pretty neat.

The function is deactivated by default. However, you can easily enable them by clicking the “More” button (the three dots) in the lower right corner and then clicking the blurred background icon. The cool thing is that you can do this both during and before a meeting.

There’s a catch, though: Google warns that enabling background blur can slow down your device. So it is recommended to turn off the functionality if you want other apps to run faster.

The feature should already be available to some users, but if you don’t see it already, stay tuned. Google is choosing to roll out gradually, so this may take some time.

With the Big G, not only can you now blur the background, but you can see up to 49 people at a time using the tiled view.

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Published on September 16, 2020 – 10:46 UTC

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