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You can reserve the next Samsung flagship from today

Samsung intends to reveal that Galaxy Note 20 The lineup on August 5 and on that day, or shortly after, Samsung will open pre-orders. To give Samsung an idea of ​​the demand, they are now making reservations for the device on their website.

It’s a simple form, just like in the past few years. You just give them an email and let them know if you have a trade-in or not. They don̵

7;t deposit money and don’t promise to buy the phone. There is no obligation. However, if you reserve and end up buying, Samsung will appear to grant you $ 50 Samsung credit, which is good for buying an accessory or other device. Note that you cannot use this $ 50 to buy your Galaxy Note 20 device.

If you are curious about which grade 20 might be suitable for you, I can already tell you which model you shouldn’t get. We recently learned that Samsung may choose not to use a display with a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz on the smaller Note 20 model. At the price of a Galaxy Note phone, this is simply unacceptable and an absolute deal breaker in our books. It should be in yours too. We will love to die on this hill.

So, yes, if you want a grade 20, let’s assume that you can only limit yourself to the Ultra. It’ll hurt your wallet, but we Note fans are totally used to it now, right?

Reserve your note 20 here

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