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You can still buy thermometers here

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend people to stay at home and keep an eye on their health, and analog thermometers have shot through the roof. Many retailers have sold them out completely, but there are some places where they are still in stock. You can get a thermometer here today.


  • Tender Tykes Digital Celsius Pacifier Thermometer $ 21
  • HealthSmart Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer $ 45
  • Braun Stirn Thermometer $ 61
  • Mabis RediScan infrared thermometer with digital display $ 119

FSA Store

Can't find what you're looking for? No panic. Retailers work around the clock to replenish inventory. Therefore, the list could be larger in an hour. We'll also keep this page up to date as soon as thermometers are back in stock in leading stores, so you no longer have to hunt around. Just bookmark this page and try again. We take care of the rest.

It is also worth mentioning that we only included products that we believe are offered at fair prices. Here at Digital Trends, we refuse to provide a platform for those who want to benefit from the current situation. The above thermometers are not for sale, but are not much more expensive than what you would have paid if you had placed an order for them at this time last year.

Desperate? Try this

If you need help urgently, use a meat thermometer instead. We haven't listed any above, but these work just as well as those designed for human use. However, make sure that is thoroughly disinfected – immerse it in isopropyl alcohol or wipe it with a cleaning cloth before gently sticking it under your tongue and waiting for it to be read.

Remember this gently. Meat thermometers are not rounded like the thermometers we are all used to (they are sharp so that they can stick into the middle of the food), so we have to be careful. Insert it slowly and with little pressure. It's not the most convenient solution, but if you only need to know your temperature this second, this is the best way to check it.

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