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You should pick up this feature-packed AUKEY USB-C charger for sale

AUKEY made a solid deal on one of its wall chargers, a charger that essentially contains all of the cute technology you can put into a wall charger.

For $ 28 below the usual price. This 63 W charger with two USB-C ports costs $ 40 and features Power Delivery 3.0, Dynamic Detect and GaN Power (gallium nitride) for charging phones and Tablets to devices with larger batteries such as laptops. What does it all mean? Dynamic Detect controls the power output by the charger based on the number of connected devices. This ensures fast, yet safe performance levels. GaN Power means that the charger is smaller and lighter, but still as efficient as larger chargers. Again, these are all good things you should have in a charger that refreshes not only your phones, but also your laptop.

For the price, AUKEY is only $ 28, which is $ 1

2 less than the usual price. You don't need any code or anything else to make the savings, but AUKEY offers an additional 5% discount coupon on Amazon. Be sure to click on it before adding the charger to your shopping cart.

Please note that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, delivery times for many products on Amazon are being extended. Keep this in mind before you buy an item from Amazon.

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